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The Truth Behind Aokiji's Merciful Justice in One Piece

One Piece Aokiji: The Former Marine Admiral Who Joined the Blackbeard Pirates

One Piece is a popular manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda that follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of pirates as they seek to find the legendary treasure One Piece and become the King of the Pirates. Along their journey, they encounter many enemies and allies, some of whom have mysterious backgrounds and motives.

one piece aokiji

One of these characters is Kuzan, better known by his former alias Aokiji, a former Marine admiral who joined the Blackbeard Pirates after resigning from his position. In this article, we will explore who Aokiji is, what his role in One Piece is, why he left the Marines, what his powers and abilities are, what his history and relationships are, and what his future and speculations are.


Who is Aokiji?

Aokiji is a tall man with black hair, blue eyes, and a scar on his left eye. He usually wears a blue pinstriped suit, a white shirt, a black tie, and a Marine coat draped over his shoulders. He also rides a bicycle that can travel on water or ice. He has a lazy and laid-back personality, often sleeping or resting in his free time. He likes to eat frozen treats such as ice cream or popsicles. He has a sense of humor and often makes jokes or puns. He also has a strong sense of justice, but prefers a merciful approach rather than a ruthless one.

What is his role in One Piece?

Aokiji is one of the most powerful characters in One Piece. He was the first Navy Admiral to be introduced in the series, and he left quite an impression on One Piece fans. When Aokiji faced the Straw Hats, he managed to get the better of them easily, showcasing the massive difference in their strength. He also spared Nico Robin's life twice, despite being ordered to kill her by the World Government. He was nominated by Sengoku for the position of Fleet Admiral after the Paramount War, but lost it in combat against Akainu. After Akainu was appointed, Aokiji resigned from his position as an Admiral out of his hatred towards Sakazuki due to his cruelty and fascism. Following his resignation, he became part of the Blackbeard Pirates as the captain of the Tenth Ship, with intentions unknown for the time being.

Why did he leave the Marines?

Aokiji's Powers and Abilities

Devil Fruit: Hie Hie no Mi

Aokiji is a Devil Fruit user who ate the Hie Hie no Mi, a Logia-type fruit that allows him to create, control, and transform into ice at will. This gives him the ability to freeze anything he touches, including the air, the water, and even living beings. He can also create various ice structures, such as walls, pillars, swords, or even a giant pheasant that he can ride on. He can also use his ice powers to travel faster by creating ice slides or bridges. His ice powers are so strong that he can change the climate of an island permanently, as he did with Punk Hazard after his duel with Akainu.

Haki: Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku

As a former Marine admiral, Aokiji is proficient in both Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki. Busoshoku Haki allows him to imbue his body or his ice attacks with an invisible armor that can bypass the defenses of other Devil Fruit users or enhance his own defense. Kenbunshoku Haki allows him to sense the presence, emotions, and intentions of others, as well as predict their movements and dodge their attacks. Aokiji has shown to be able to use both types of Haki simultaneously, as he did when he fought against Whitebeard during the Paramount War.

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