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Edvin Sarkisian, MBA

The Business Operations Guru

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Edvin Sarkisian, MBA

The Business Operations Guru

The driving force of my success has always been a direct result of my passion. It all started when I was a young boy, throwing away old travel brochures in downtown Glendale, where my father had opened up his boutique travel agency. Throughout the years, I went from selling vacation packages to running the full business operations.

Now, I look forward to putting my skills, knowledge, and experience to work for you.

CSU, Northridge - B.S. in Marketing '17

Pepperdine - M.B.A. in Business Management '19



Transparency & Value

Most business consulting firms and media agencies are quick to count your pockets ​before first determining whether they can help you or not. As a small business owner, I share the frustration of working with marketing & consulting firms who are not honest about the value they will offer your company, which is why I created the pledge:

Sarkisian Group's Pledge

We pledge to evaluate your business needs/problem and only provide you with our services if we determine that it will add value to your organization.

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