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Alcohol Treatment Centers Florida

If one of our treatment centers is not a good fit, our representatives may refer you to another detox or treatment center, or the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) hotline to find a program that best suits your needs. We do not receive any compensation or commission for referrals to other treatment facilities.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Florida


Serenity Springs Recovery offers a 12-step based treatment program that also includes different clinical therapies as well in order to address drug use or alcohol addiction. Though clients are specifically treated, it is encouraged that their family members and loved ones be included throughout the entire recovery process. Serenity Springs also offers a 2:1 staff to client ratio, meaning that every individual seeking help will have access to time and attention from their team. Treatment services include individual therapy, small group, trauma therapy, medication management, CBT, family therapy, nutrition and exercise, and spiritual therapies. Other options may include EMDR, basketball, beach volleyball, golf, yoga, and meditation. Serenity Springs Recovery accepts many different forms of health insurance coverage, including out-of-network providers and military insurance.

Compassion Behavioral Health is a full-service drug and alcohol rehab facility that takes an interactive approach to treatment. Clients play an active role in their recovery process, working to establish their specific goals throughout the planning process and helping their team design a program that fits their needs. Clients have access to several levels of care as well as a long list of specific treatment options that can be customized to the individual. These may include different types of individual and group therapy, EMDR, family programs, CBT, DBT, neurofeedback (with and without virtual reality), motivational interviewing, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Residents have access to a resort-style addiction treatment center where they share rooms with their peers and have access to a pool, shared common areas, and a healing environment where they are able to commit to the recovery process fully.

Spring Gardens Recovery is a holistically-based drug and alcohol abuse treatment facility that includes the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of overall wellness and recovery. Clients will have access to a short-term stabilization period and a 30-day inpatient program that helps them move through their recovery process in the safest, most effective way possible. Some of the available treatment services include massage therapy, yoga, meditation, cupping therapy, pet-assisted therapy, music, a sauna, different individual and group therapies, aftercare planning, other experiential activities, and any other services that the clients and their clinicians decide are necessary. The facility is clean, updated, and offers access to private and semi-private rooms, private bathrooms, shared common areas, nutritional guidance through catered meals, outdoor recreation areas, and gazebos where clients can rest. Accepted forms of payment include health insurance, Tricare, and forms of self-pay.

  • The cost of drug and alcohol treatment in Florida varies. Still, there are average costs for some of the following services:The average cost for one person for long-term inpatient drug rehab in Florida is $56,000. Yet, this price varies depending on location, length of stay, amenities, and if there are government subsidies or health insurance.

  • The average cost of outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Florida is $1,700. However, the cost varies and can go higher for longer programs.

  • The average cost of clinical drug and alcohol detox in Florida ranges between $250 and $800 per day, with an average of $525 per day. Medical detox costs range between $500 and $650 per day at a private facility.

  • Within Florida are free and low-cost substance use treatment for those who qualify.

When searching for rehabs in Florida, the drug treatment facility should be experienced and should provide quality care. We list on this page over 70 rehabs in Florida. This includes close to 10 drug and alcohol detox centers, over 10 short-term rehabs, just under 40 long-term inpatient drug rehabs, and over 40 outpatient services. Alcohol rehab in Florida is also a part of this listing. These listings include detailed information about their services to help you make an informed decision. There are tips to helping someone with substance use problems and information on paying for treatment in Florida. We also list the pros and cons of rehab in Florida.

Below is a list of the different drug rehab centers in Florida. Each listing provides information on the types of services provided and the payment options available. You can also find accreditations and certifications to help you determine if the rehab center is trusted and has the expertise you are looking for. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact a treatment specialist at 1-800-304-2219.

While Florida has not expanded Medicaid, it still covers some treatment options, and private health plans are also an option for covering costs. On a positive note, over half of the substance use treatment centers offer a sliding fee scale for payment. In addition, well over one-quarter of them provide treatment at low cost or no charge. Yet, clients are generally within a specific demographic and must meet certain criteria. We recommend contacting the program being considered and asking about payment options, including health insurance.

Located in the heart of South Florida, The Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab provides a personalized approach to drug and alcohol addiction. With evidence-based treatment, individual therapy and recreational amenities, each client is empowered to heal through customized care. Expert clinical and medical staff offer support during each stage of the process as clients learn and apply new skills for lasting recovery. Find the service and treatment you deserve at The Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

Guests can expect world-class drug and alcohol substance abuse treatment from a compassionate team. Comprehensive addiction treatment services approach substance abuse issues with personalized plans as no two stories of drug and alcohol abuse are the same. Our holistic approach to treatment also involves healing each client by focusing on the mind, body, and spirit.

Serenity Springs offers alcohol rehab for men in Edgewater. Ours is an individualized treatment program that not only emphasizes the importance of community but also helps our guests get their lives back on track while standing on their own two feet to do so.

Alcohol and drug abuse are best treated with the help of experienced healthcare providers and individualized treatment plans. Florida substance abuse centers offer various treatment options for people experiencing withdrawal due to a substance use disorder.

Treatment centers with accreditations from the Joint Commission, Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), or the Florida Department of Children and Families have high standards of treatment.

Florida rehab centers accept many forms of insurance coverage for treatment services. This often includes private insurance plans and government-funded insurance like Medicare and Florida Medicaid for medical detox.

Awakening is an outpatient drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment center that provides individualized outpatient and intensive outpatient programs to individuals in and around Jacksonville, Florida. Board-certified addiction medicine physicians, therapists and counselors with many years of experience and expertise run our addiction recovery programs.

Our drug rehab, alcohol rehab and alcohol treatment programs focus on relapse prevention and are based on the most recent evidence-based research data. Our model has been proven to work for people who have had minimal to no success in past drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment programs and efforts to stop drinking or using opiates and other substances.

Stepping Stone Center for Recovery has been providing high-quality substance use disorder treatment to adult men and women since 2004. The Jacksonville, Florida-based drug and alcohol rehab is state-licensed and nationally accredited. We know recovery is possible because we see it happen every day. It has been our privilege to help more than 5,000 individuals find recovery over the past 14 years.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers provide professional rehabilitation services to those who struggle with chemical dependence and substance abuse issues. Rehab centers typically offer substance abuse treatment services for most types of addiction, including alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin, opioids, crystal meth, prescription drugs, marijuana, and more.

You may be wondering how to pay for rehab without insurance. Addiction treatment can be expensive, especially for those who are either uninsured or underinsured. Unfortunately, finances often act as a significant barrier to care for many people who need substance abuse treatment. Fortunately, if you need alcohol or drug treatment without insurance, there are many resources available to help you gain access to professional help.

Acute situations (emergency situations when treatment should be sought immediately) include cases of overdose, suicidal thoughts, or other medical emergencies precipitated by drug or alcohol addiction. There are many things you can do if you or a loved one is in acute need of substance abuse rehabilitation, even if you have no insurance coverage.

While every state is different, most have some type of financial assistance available for those who have no insurance and need state-funded or low-cost or free drug or alcohol rehab programs. Another source for information to help find drug or alcohol addiction treatment without insurance is a simple Google search. Type in your state, county, or city and search for low-cost local mental health and substance abuse programs and services. If you are in a crisis but non-emergency situation (such as feeling like you may relapse or overdose on drugs or alcohol or going through acute withdrawal symptoms), consider searching for a local crisis hotline and calling them immediately. 041b061a72


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