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Kotor 2 Get Your Lightsaber Back From Atris

On what are you basing this assertion? There's nothing in the TSLRCM readme about being able to get your lightsaber back from Atris to say nothing of the fact the game doesn't expect you to have a lightsaber at that point--having only the part you get on Citadel station--so I find it highly unlikely with just the TSLRCM installed you can indeed get the lightsaber you described to Atton back from Atris, every walkthrough/FAQ I've ever read contradicts this so I will need to see the exact successful dialogue tree

Kotor 2 Get Your Lightsaber Back From Atris

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In regards to using Get You Lightsaber back from Atris, I disagree it's unnecessary. I'm not using it this game for the fear of breaking RCM, atm. I really like the idea of getting it back at the first meeting, at least if your on the Lightside (can't speak for Dark, never played it). Atris knows your being chased by the Sith, she is asking for your help to gather the Jedi Masters on Dantooine and giving you your ship back. Not to mention her obvious nefarious intentions/reasons, she wants you back in the galaxy. You are technically working for her and would serve her better with a lightsaber.

I would really like to use this mod in the future if the mod is a TSLPatcher isn't it just adding content to a scene the RCM team isn't even using? Even if RCM does give it back at end game (honestly not sure how that works) speaking from a Lightside point of view, afaik we don't even get Atris's Lightsaber. Unless there is a scene the Lightsider gets their Lightsaber back for helping Redeem Atris, then that would be pretty cool restoration. :cheers from the crowd:

Ah ha ok HH, thanks for clarifying that...I'm not sure how I feel about that thinking it's rather anti-climatic at that point. By the time you go to Telos to face Atris everyone who can be a Jedi is--or should be--and they all have lightsabers. In the saber you make with Bao-Dur's help (I make mine on Dantooine when I do in fact make it) you probably have a fully attuned Exile crystal in addition to other arse-kicking crystals you'll pick up along the way so I guess what I'm asking is, aside from it being yours as well as for sentimental reasons, from a gameplay standpoint why would you need your original saber back...?

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. It occured to me that yeah I made an oops. It isn't TSLRCM where it makes it able to get your lightsaber back from Atris. Only USM (may or may not be compatible with TSLRCM) and HotOR (which is compatible with TSLRCM)

When you talk to atris, you have to follow the dialog that talks about your exile and such. Don't go into peragus or the sith. If you keep talking about your exile and such she'll eventually whip it out and flaunt it in your face. You have to actually ask for it back. Something like "I'd like the right to carry it again." There is another response that might work, which is more of a question about eventually getting it back; can't remember the actual line.

There is NO way to get your lightsaber back from Atris your first trip to Telos--the game does not expect you to have a lightsaber at that point so you cannot and will not get it back then. SUPPOSEDLY you can get it back from her when you return to Telos and fight her--I have yet to see what triggers the sequence as well as the correct successful dialogue tree so I am skeptical

Uum really--SUPPOSEDLY you can get that saber back from Atris after you fight her but as of this moment no one has posted how this is done so I am skeptical and will be until someone says I did it and this is how

That has never worked for me with TSLRCM 1.7. Whenever I play as a LS character, I'll frequently choose the dialog option you specified. Atris doesn't give me back my lightsaber, she just says she is not unsympathetic to my feelings as leaving the Jedi Order must have been very difficult (or something to that effect).

So now that we've established getting your original saber back from Atris is indeed in the TSLRCM please tell me the triggers and dialogue sequence keeping in mind the game does not expect you to have a lightsaber when you first meet with her

It does make more sense that you'd be able to get your lightsaber back from Atris after fighting her. I'm going to check if I have any saves right before that fight and go through all the dialog options if I do.

No, I am sorry to say this, but you cannot get your Lightsaber back from Atris until the end of the game. I know that you are at the beginning of the game because she just took your Lightsaber. Just continue to play the game until you run into Atris again. It should be back inside her base at Telos. After you talk to her for a while she will pull out a weapon and attempt to kill you. When Atris pulls out her weapon, look at it closely, it's your old Lightsaber!! Now all you have to do is kill her, and take it back.Hope this helps.

No, but there is another way. If you hed to shuttle #1,there's a little bit of a movie then you run into bahodar, your old friend.He claims that you are his genaral but in reality You really aren't. Any way if you get him on your Party, on your way to Dantowein. He'll talk to you about building a "lightsaber",which I think he can build one for you, he just needs three parts. Also, if you want to you visit the droid shops on the planets make sure you buy parts to your HK-50. Then add them to him,and eventually you'll an HK-50 ready for battle, it's like he'll on your side. 4-50-52.

And of course, one of the most important parts of your journey to becoming a warrior of the light side or dark side of the force is getting your Kotor 2 lightsaber. In Kotor 2, you need to build your own lightsaber from three different components and a focusing crystal.

try to tell if you have other mods outside TSLRCM and M4-78EPfor example, 90sk's Super content mod is incompatible with TSLRCM,or 'choose mira or Hanrarr' , 'Get your lightsaber back from atris'

i dont think you can take your lightsaber from atris unless you are playing uber lightside and have high persuade abilities....i always fail when asking handmaiden if i can rifle through her stuff (you find her in the circular room where the entrance to the academy is)

Once you've built your first lightsaber, each of those places where you'd normally get a piece of a lightsaber, will give you a whole lightsaber instead (random chance, short, regular, or two bladed).

For example, you've just left Telos with one part (given to you by either Czerka or the Ithorians). You're now on Nar Shaada, and snag a piece from Vogga's horde, and then get the third piece from helping out Lootra / Aaida. Now you can build your saber, once you buy / find a color crystal (available from any number of merchants, including on Telos).

Now, say, you started out on Dantooine instead, as your first planet. After you rescue Jorran, you are given the chance to buy crystals or upgrades, and a single lightsaber part, instead of a whole saber. You'll get the third piece from Master Vrook after you save Khoonda.

As for the colour, Atris' lightsaber is the colour that you tell Atton when he asks you to describe your old lightsaber. To do that you have to say it was 'unique' (apart from red) and then select one of the following dialogue options according to the colour. If you say you cannot remember its colour, the colour is random.

There are only two times where you'll see your old saber. Once is when first talking to Atris (and even then, you need to make the correct conversation choices), and the next time is when you're watching the events from your trial, where you stabbed it into the stone.

Probably this, seeing the popularity of 'No Lightsaber Quest' 00Vanir (from Holowan labs) and I made a mod that starts the saber quest much earlier. By the time you have visited Atris, if you're vigilant enough in searching for parts, you should have all of them by then, and then you can pretty much make your lightsaber.I remember wanting to get my lightsaber back from Atris long ago. I find having her attack me with it much more rewarding when I cut her down with my new one. Unless there was something inherently special about my old lightsaber (maybe an added bonus, or a special hilt) I probably wouldn't bother with it, because the upgrades/crystals are what make the lightsaber. The color too, I guess. HH I suffered through Citadel Station and got a generic green lightsaber from the duros but still got the parts to make a new one. Bao-Dur didn't ask me about making one though which was fine with me as I never did like the Exile's responsesAlso, I'm not sure SuperSquall's Skip Peragus Mod actually gives you a lightsaber-I usually get one in the TSF station after being released from house arrest but I chalked that up to having Shem's Super Enhanced mods any case I usually stick with a cool sword until Dantooine or after, only using a saber to get through stuck doors.


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