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Early on, Hall and a small team of filmmakers took a field trip to the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. The design for Baymax was inspired by an inflatable arm robot which scientist Christopher Atkeson showed to Don Hall. Baymax's facial design was inspired by the suzu bell, which are found in Japanese Shinto temples. For his exo-skeleton, visual development artist Kevin Nelson comments that they looked at Incan mummies and made his vertebrae, arms and lower legs deflatable so they would disappear when he was shrunk down, while all his other bones have ways of bending to fit his whole body into the traveling case. For his armor, the producers met with J Mays, the Global Design Chief for Ford at the time, who inspired them to simplify the armor with simpler shapes and cleaner lines influenced by auto design.[10]

Download Honey, I Shrunk The Mummies


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