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Anne Of Green Gables: The Sequel : Season 1 Epi...

When Kevin Sullivan was commissioned by CBC, PBS and The Disney Channel to create a sequel he started by combining many different elements of Montgomery's first three sequel books: Anne of Avonlea (1909), Anne of the Island (1915), and Anne of Windy Poplars (1936) into a cohesive screen story. Sullivan invented his own plotline relying on several of Montgomery's episodic storylines spread across the three sequels, He also looked at numerous other nineteenth century female authors for inspiration in fleshing out the screen story.[citation needed]

Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel : Season 1 Epi...


Anne with an E is based on the classic Anne of Green Gables children's books set on the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. The series follows the story of Anne (Amybeth McNulty), a 13-year-old orphan girl who just wishes to belong and finds herself mistakenly sent to Prince Edward Island to stay with siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. There, Anne discovers her identity and how she fits in the world. The series was praised for modernizing a Canadian classic and making it more accessible to a newer generation. Indeed, Anne with an E was very popular during its run, a certified Netflix original hit, so when the news got out that the third season would be the last, petitions were made to save the show. Even celebrities like Ryan Reynolds pleaded with Netflix to keep the show going. Despite the efforts of fans around the world, the show came to a close as planned and the series was effectively canceled. 041b061a72


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