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Utility Apps Archives | SeeratPC

The app delivers an all-inclusive compression and decompression functionality with the possibility of editing archives that were created with other apps as well. It offers support for over 30 formats, including the most popular ones. As for the compression speed, you can count on the fastest services thanks to its multi-core compression technology.

Utility Apps Archives | SeeratPC

The next file archiver Mac app on our list is Archiver. It is a powerful archiver with a really beautiful, and most importantly convenient interface. The utility allows you to add files to the archive, extract, and also divide them into components. If it is necessary, users can quickly extract all the necessary files individually from the archive. Moreover, it is possible to unpack several archives in parallel streams. It is also worth noting that in addition to standard archives, this program can handle almost 30 different formats.

PeaZip, in general, is a very good file archiver for Mac and is able to open more than 180 archive formats, which is impressive. It can definitely be used to work with unknown library formats. In addition to the popular types of archives, while using this utility you can create archives in its own PEA format, the features of which are a high compression ratio and good wear resistance.

The developer of this Archiver Mac utility is the well-known company Bandisoft. What should be highlighted in Bandizip is its modern interface, support for the function of dragging drag-n-drop objects and convenient integration into the context menu of the system, as well as built-in object viewer. The archiver allows you to protect created archives using one of the most effective methods - AES 256-bit.

Entropy is a powerful high-speed archive utility Mac app that a lot of Mac users find rather attractive. The program demonstrates high speed when archiving large files and unpacking of archives. In addition, the app supports AppleScript, which allows you to create archives with certain parameters. Besides that, when compressing files, Entropy allows you to choose the format and level of compression, divide the archive into its component parts, specify the encryption algorithm and set a password for the archive.

Another Mac archive utility is B1 Free Archiver This application has a modern interface, and its window can be used as a file manager. The software supports many various formats, so you will not have any problems with archives of different types. In addition, B1 Free Archiver is able to work with large archives without any problems or braking.

The widely popular and best archiver for Mac OS is BetterZip. The main advantage of the utility is the ability to open archives that were created on other similar applications. In addition, the user can choose from a wide list of the type of archiving that he likes. Besides that it is worth mentioning the ability to view the contents of the archived file without opening it, which significantly raises the application protection class, protecting the system from hacker attacks.

Ark is a graphical file compression/decompression utility with support for multiple formats,including tar, gzip, bzip2, rar and zip, as well as CD-ROM images.Ark can be used to browse, extract, create, and modify archives.

The Autosync apps are free to use for a single folder pairing and with files that are 10MB or smaller. If you want to remove those restrictions (and remove ads present in the app's configuration utility), you can opt for a $5 Pro upgrade, which unlocks all advanced features, or a $10 Ultimate upgrade, which adds in the ability to sync with multiple accounts in your preferred cloud service.

I appreciate your reviews of Mac maintenance utility apps. I have used CleanMyMac 3 for quite a while and have been more than satisfied with the program. As a current user, the company is offering me an upgrade to the X version at half-price. Have you reviewed CleanMyMac X? Just wondering if it is worth the subscription. 041b061a72


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