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Bhairavi Serial In Sun Tv Last Episode

The plot of this series revolves around a young woman Bhairavi (Nitya Das/Sujitha/Radha), an antique shop owner who can see ghosts since childhood. She uses her special abilities as a psychic medium to help the ghosts cross over to the Light (afterlife). Suddenly her life turns into some mysterious events where she is identified as goddess Madhura kaali, Kannagi reincarnation and is expected by demon to take revenge for destroyed him in the past. But however, she destroyed him again in the present and moves on her life again. Meanwhile, Madhura, a soft and a devotee of Madhura kaali and selliyamman started her journey to find goddess selliyamman's original statue. There, she faces a lot of struggle simultaneously, bhairavi is doing her work normally. At last, Bhairavi married Vijay, influential Zamindhar's heir but a sudden twist was happened in the story by Introducing character thamini, an evil soul who is Zamindhar's lover in the past and waits for marrying Zamindhar in the present who is actually in the same appearance of vijay at present. Amidst a lot of struggles bhairavi saved her husband.

bhairavi serial in sun tv last episode


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