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Portable Aid4Mail Enterprise V1.988 13: The Best Mail Client for Commercial Use

The support for the EDRM standard is a key requirement. With EDRM, file attachments and referenced MIME-parts can be seamlessly integrated into email messages. They can be converted with the aid of a reference data base or queried directly from the database. Youll be able to export emails and data for analysis or importing into other enterprise applications. In addition, mail attachments can be converted and automatically imported into more accessible email systems. A key feature of the EDRM standard is the ability to separate email content by rule into different containers. Each container receives a unique ID and is kept separately from the mail. This allows the following scenario: - To be able to process email while keeping a copy in a safe archive. - To search mail quickly and efficiently - To be able to search specific email types on demand.

Portable Aid4Mail Enterprise V1.988 13

The following chapter will explain the important use cases for EDRM. Keep in mind that these are generic use cases and that a concrete implementation will be possible only in accordance with the requirements of your specific use case. 1) Basic content capture for archiving Archiving is a common but still fairly new area in the field of EDRM. A portable EDRM engine should be able to read, convert and archive messages.

2) Downloading messages for analysis This feature is not available in the commercial version of the Aid4Mail engine but is still an important use case for people in search of a bullet proof archival solution.

The top 1,000 universities worldwide use Aid4Mail. Whilst the ultimate goal is to archive all corporate data, the current stable release only supports message archiving and eDiscovery on Enterprise level installations.


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