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Necromantic Forces - The Occult Power Of The Only God Of Chaos (FULL ALBUM)

The conflict mainly consisted of a war between the final remnants of the dying Daevite Empire allied with Asian and European thaumaturges and a temporarily resurgent Fae Empire (often referred to as the Second Fae Empire), made up of Mongol forces and Fae leadership, led by a sidhe individual previously known as Genghis Khan (VNP-PL-259; previously classified as SCP-PL-259 by the SCP Foundation / KTE-1206-Blue-Gray-Cottingley by the GOC) to those outside the Veil. Beginning in 1220 with Khan's attack on the nearly-extinct Daevites, it persisted until his death in 1227, caused by one final attack by the allied occult forces of the two continents. This defeat spawned massive chaos within the remaining Second Empire forces, eventually leading to its total disbanding and division between the remaining sons of Khan in 1228.

Necromantic Forces - The Occult Power of the Only God of Chaos (FULL ALBUM)


On that date, through the recovery of ancient Solomon scrolls and rites, a German cabal known only as "The Godless" discovered a method of destroying the Demiurge, an extremely powerful, man-made, and ancient deity representing thaumaturgy within the physical world, capable of altering its basic rules. It was originally artificially formed by King Solomon in order to limit the number of active mages to balance the world in ancient times and limit the influence of hostile ontokinetic beings, including Queen Mab. On the 13th of October, 1869, the group used the chaos of war to perform a powerful occult ritual which resulted in the destruction of the ancient deity in an unsuccessful attempt to harness its power.

The powerful thaumaturgical backlash caused by this has led to the second-most bloody and brutal magic series of thaumaturgical battles that ever occured, rivaled only by the chaos of the First Diaspora. The battles took over 1/3 of the casualties of the entire conflict and significantly weakened both sides to such an extent that they were no longer able to continue fighting. This fact as well as the intervention of national governments led to the final end of the conflict.

With the start of World War II in 1939, Obskura would fully commit to its destruction and thefts as the Nazi armies took control of one country after the other. Fearing the thaumaturgic power this could bring to the organizations, by direct order of the Allied Countries the same year, the Order of the Templar Knights and the British Occult Service (also known as MI666) formed the Allied Occult Initiative, hoping to oppose Obskurakorps' increasing potential. Quickly spreading its membership to many anomalous organizations throughout the continent, the AOI began to openly attack Nazi occult members, eventually resulting in the Battle of Prague. The Allied forces, aided by the city's magical and age-old defender, the Golem of Prague, quickly overpowered Obskurakorps and decimated their forces. This event directly led to the beginning of the Seventh Occult War. 041b061a72


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