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Where to Stream 3 Bahadur Rise of the Warriors: The Best Options for Pakistani Animation Fans

Download 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors - A Pakistani Animated Action Film

If you are looking for a thrilling and adventurous animated film to watch with your family or friends, you should definitely check out 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors. This is the third and final installment in the 3 Bahadur trilogy, which is the first Pakistani computer-animated film series. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this film, including its plot, cast, crew, soundtrack, trailer, release date, box office, and more. We will also tell you how you can download it legally and safely from the internet. So, read on and get ready to join the heroes in their epic battle against evil.

download 3 bahadur rise of the warriors


What is 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors?

3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors is a Pakistani computer-animated action film directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and written by Kamran Khan. It is the last installment in 3 Bahadur trilogy, which follows the adventures of three young superheroes who protect their town from various villains. The film stars the voices by Mehwish Hayat, Fahad Mustafa, Sarwat Gillani, Nimra Bucha, and Behroze Sabzwari.

Why should you watch it?

You should watch 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors because it is a fun and exciting film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It has a captivating story, stunning animation, amazing action sequences, memorable characters, catchy songs, and a powerful message. It is also a proud achievement for Pakistani cinema, as it showcases the talent and creativity of local artists and filmmakers. It is a film that appeals to both children and adults, as it has humor, drama, fantasy, and emotion. It is a film that celebrates the power of friendship, courage, teamwork, and justice.

Plot summary

The heroes and their powers

The heroes of 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors are Saadi, Amna, and Kamil. They are three ordinary kids who live in a peaceful town called Roshan Basti. They have been gifted with superpowers by their mentor Deenu Chacha (Behroze Sabzwari), who runs a shop called Deenu's Den. Saadi has super strength and can lift heavy objects with ease. Amna has super speed and can run faster than anyone else. Kamil has super hearing and can detect sounds from far away. Together, they use their powers to fight crime and injustice in their town.

The villains and their schemes

The villains of 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors are Babushka (Nimra Bucha) and her minions. Babushka is a ruthless witch who rules over a parallel world called Andhair Nagri. She wants to capture Erma (Mehwish Hayat), a circus performer who has escaped from her world. Erma has a special power that allows her to create portals between worlds. Babushka wants to use Erma's power to invade Roshan Basti and take over its resources. She sends her minions to kidnap Erma and bring her back to her world. However, Erma meets the 3 Bahadur and befriends them. She tells them about her world and asks for their help to stop Babushka.

The parallel world and its secrets

The parallel world of Andhair Nagri is a dark and gloomy place where Babushka rules with an iron fist. She has enslaved the people of Andhair Nagri and forces them to work in her factories and mines. She also has a powerful army of robots, monsters, and witches who obey her every command. The only hope for Andhair Nagri is a prophecy that says that one day, a warrior will rise from the shadows and defeat Babushka. The 3 Bahadur discover that they are the chosen ones who can fulfill the prophecy and save both worlds. They also learn that they have a connection to Andhair Nagri that goes beyond their imagination.

Cast and crew

The voice actors and their characters

The voice actors of 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors are some of the most talented and popular celebrities in Pakistan. They have given life and personality to their characters with their voice skills and expressions. Here are some of the main voice actors and their characters:


Voice Actor


Zuhab Khan


Arisha Razi Khan


Bashar Amir Shafi


Mehwish Hayat


Nimra Bucha

Deenu Chacha

Behroze Sabzwari

Baba Balaam

Fahad Mustafa


Sarwat Gillani

The director and the writer

The director of 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors is Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, who is a renowned Pakistani filmmaker and activist. She is the first Pakistani to win two Academy Awards, one for Saving Face in 2012 and another for A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness in 2016. She is also the first female director to helm an animated film series in Pakistan. She has created 3 Bahadur with the vision of inspiring young children to be brave and confident.

The writer of 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors is Kamran Khan, who is a Pakistani screenwriter and journalist. He has written the scripts for all three films in the 3 Bahadur trilogy, as well as other animated films such as Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor and Donkey King. He has also worked as a reporter and editor for various newspapers and magazines. He has crafted 3 Bahadur with the aim of delivering a captivating story with a positive message.

The production company and the distributor

The production company of 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors is Waadi Animations, which is a joint venture between SOC Films and ARY Films. SOC Films is a film production company founded by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, which focuses on social issues and human rights. ARY Films is a film distribution company that is part of the ARY Digital Network, which is one of the leading media groups in Pakistan. Waadi Animations was established in 2013 with the goal of producing high-quality animated content for Pakistani audiences.

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