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Pro Git

The entire Pro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub and published by Apress, is available here. All content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 license. Print versions of the book are available on

Pro Git

Download File:

The version found here has been updated with corrections and additions from hundreds of contributors. If you see an error or have a suggestion, patches and issues are welcome in its GitHub repository.

Pro Git (Second Edition) is your fully-updated guide to Git and its usage in the modern world. Git has come a long way since it was first developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development. It has taken the open source world by storm since its inception in 2005, and this book teaches you how to use it like a pro.

Sometimes you may want to perform version control operations on files or directories that you are comparing in ExamDiff Pro. For instance, you may be editing a file that hasn't been checked out yet and wish to check it out before saving it, or you may be copying files from an external drive and wish to check out the destination files before copying.

Many version control systems (such as ClearCase, TFS, etc) can integrate with the Windows shell, and you can access Windows Explorer commands in ExamDiff Pro either by right-clicking on a file or directory and selecting Explorer Menu, or by holding down the Shift key as you right-click on a file or directory.

Note: Every double quote ('"') and dollar sign ('$') in these command lines, inside the surrounding quotes, must be escaped with a preceding backslash. (It looks a bit convoluted like that, but it's needed to make it be correctly interpreted by the git command line.) If the commands don't work, replace the '/' character used for command line options with '-', e.g. use -nh instead of //nh

Go to Edit Preferences Diff, change the Default diff application option to "Other application", and for Location enter the path to ExamDiff.exe. Then go to the Merge tab, change the Default merge application to "Other application", and for Location again enter the path to ExamDiff.exe. In the Arguments control, enter:

Note: According to our users, Perforce Inc. confirmed that the construct "/o:%r" does not work in (current versions of) P4V. A workaround they suggest is to use an intermediate .bat file to launch ExamDiff.exe since specifying %r alone works fine in P4V.

Go to Tools Personal Options Files. Click the Alternate Applications button if present. Check Comparison Utility. Enter the path to ExamDiff.exe, and for Options write:

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"Pro Git" is an essential resource for anyone looking to learn about version control using Git. This eBook is available in PDF format and provides a comprehensive guide to using Git for version control. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this guide is a must-have tool for anyone looking to improve their Git skills.

One of the best things about this eBook is that it is free to download. This makes it accessible to anyone looking to improve their Git skills, regardless of their budget. This is especially beneficial for small businesses and individuals who are looking to save money on training and educational materials.

The tutorial in the eBook is designed for beginners and is designed to be easy to follow and understand. It starts with the basics of Git and gradually builds up to more advanced topics, making it suitable for all levels of users. The tutorial is also broken down into chapters, allowing readers to easily find the information they are looking for.

The focus of the eBook is on learning and mastering the basics of Git. It provides step-by-step instructions and examples that make it easy for users to understand and apply the concepts and techniques covered in the guide. Whether you are new to Git or an experienced user, the eBook provides the knowledge and skills needed to take your version control skills to the next level.

The advanced topics covered in the eBook include branching and merging, distributed Git, and custom Git commands. These tools are essential for anyone looking to effectively manage their projects and collaborate with others. The eBook also covers topics such as setting up a Git repository, working with remote repositories, and collaborating with others.

The PDF format of the eBook makes it easy to access and read the information. The eBook can be downloaded and saved to your computer or mobile device, allowing you to access the information whenever you need it. The PDF format also makes it easy to search for specific information, making it an ideal reference guide.

In conclusion, "Pro Git" is a must-have resource for anyone looking to learn about version control using Git. With its comprehensive tutorial, step-by-step instructions, and advanced topics, this eBook is the perfect guide for anyone looking to improve their Git skills. And the best part is, it's free to download in PDF format. So don't hesitate, start your Git learning journey today!

The Git Notes for Professionals book is a beginner level PDF e-book tutorial or course with 195 pages. It was added on January 6, 2019 and has been downloaded 1027 times. The file size is 2.18 MB. It was created by

The Editing web content using 'edit-on Pro' is a beginner level PDF e-book tutorial or course with 26 pages. It was added on August 13, 2014 and has been downloaded 1692 times. The file size is 326.58 KB. It was created by University of Bristol IT Services.

The Premiere Pro 2021 Essential Skills is a beginner level PDF e-book tutorial or course with 38 pages. It was added on July 14, 2022 and has been downloaded 1363 times. The file size is 784.64 KB. It was created by kennesaw state university.

The Databases course book is a beginner level PDF e-book tutorial or course with 44 pages. It was added on December 20, 2013 and has been downloaded 4292 times. The file size is 1.13 MB. It was created by Paolo Coletti.

The The FeathersJS Book is a beginner level PDF e-book tutorial or course with 362 pages. It was added on October 10, 2017 and has been downloaded 1810 times. The file size is 3.03 MB. It was created by FeathersJS Organization.

The .NET Book Zero is a beginner level PDF e-book tutorial or course with 267 pages. It was added on January 19, 2017 and has been downloaded 3941 times. The file size is 967.75 KB. It was created by Charles Petzold.

The The Little MongoDB Book is a beginner level PDF e-book tutorial or course with 66 pages. It was added on December 28, 2016 and has been downloaded 2070 times. The file size is 208.63 KB. It was created by Karl Seguin.

SDK can be downloaded from here. Simply click the green Download button to download a zip file of the SDK, and extract it to the hard drive. This will give you the latest SDK. Historical releases are available at this webpage.

Developers may wish to use git clone to clone the repository (which allows them to synchronize the latest changes locally), or use the git submodule function to link their projects to the RPR SDK. We encourage this, although using these tools is beyond the scope of this documentation.

Radeon ProRender is a dynamically-linked library (DLL), which is the standard for adding libraries to projects. To build the Radeon ProRender SDK into a project, a few common items from the SDK are required.

You can change the name that is associated with your Git commits using the git config command. The new name you set will be visible in any future commits you push to GitHub from the command line. If you'd like to keep your real name private, you can use any text as your Git username.

Just like one would have with a software project, each PCB design project contains its own Git repository. For example, if you have 100 managed projects within your Altium Concord Pro server, then Altium Concord Pro has created 100 unique Git repositories to host these projects. One can manually view each Git address via the project details (see above), or a list of repositories can be retrieved via the Altium Concord Pro (Vault) SDK. A third method (though the most convoluted) is to retrieve the list of repository GUIDs via the Firebird Database, like so:

You can now turn this into a script that runs on time intervals or using a polling scheme. You can also iterate over all repositories (see above) and run the same script for each repository. To make it easier I created a task in Bamboo to poll my Altium Concord Pro server every 60 seconds. If it detects a change in that specific repository then it automatically mirrors the latest commits to my Bitbucket repository using the same name as my bamboo project (hence the Bamboo variable bamboo.ShortPlanName).

Ari is an engineer with broad experience in designing, manufacturing, testing, and integrating electrical, mechanical, and software systems. He is passionate about bringing design, verification, and test engineers together to work as a cohesive unit.

This page looks at working with the Altium 365 Workspace's Team Configuration Center to create and manage environment configurations, used to constrain each designer's working environment to only use company-ratified design elements

This page looks at the Altium 365 Workspace's support for Environment Configuration Management, to give your organization centralized control over the environment your designers operate in. Covers configurations, data items, application and compliance

This page looks at the Altium 365 Workspace's support for Tasks, used to interact with a process, or rather its defined workflow. A task relates to a user task within the workflow - a point at which user action is required for the workflow to progress 041b061a72


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