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Trx Suspension Training Certification Course

While the course itself is not accredited and does not give you a national council on strength and fitness certification, it does give you a certificate of completion and can be applied towards your national certification with continued education. Knowing what the training certification entails might help you in your fitness educational decisions and goals. Read on to learn more about getting your TRX training certification online.

Trx Suspension Training Certification Course


The TRX training certification process involves not just an online class and a certificate of completion. In this course, you will participate and there is a test. You will need to get involved and exercise your knowledge with an 80 percent passing grade on their exam. Be prepared to be involved, although it is virtual you will be active in participation. Here is what you can expect:

The training is extensive and you will gain knowledge not just physically being able to do exercises but also be able to guide and teach others to obtain their personal fitness goals using the TRX system. You will also be able to use this certification as credits towards your national fitness certification. Here are some of the subjects that will be taught during your 7-hour instructional training class:

At the end of the course, you will have extensive knowledge to be able to apply proper technique and instruction to your clients. It may also expand your clientele as TRX training is becoming popular in the fitness world and is being sought after. Being able to offer this to your clients can prevent your clients from getting bored or plateauing after doing the same exercises over and over again.

There are a few different options when it comes to TRX certification but the best-reviewed courses and certification comes from TRX itself. There are different levels of certification that come with different costs. The more advanced the course, the higher the price. Third-party vendors offer the certification at a lower cost but most often they do not include all material and course credits for your further education in fitness.

The advanced TRX training can cost around $900 and is the most extensive training package. This gives you much more training and specialized courses and a certification as a TRX instructor rather than a qualification. Each course level brings you different levels of training and knowledge which level you want will help you make your decisions in your TRX certification goals.

The difference between the basic and advanced courses is mainly content. You get a lot more training, and it is geared toward group classes. You will also get instruction on developing an 18-day period of instruction through a group training format.

TRX Golf Workshop is a specialized course, about 90 minutes in length. This course teaches you about swing mechanics and training your core and muscle groups that are used the most in the sport of golf.

TRX Suspension Training Workshop is the shortened version of the basic TRX Suspension Training Course. At 90 minutes long, you learn the basics of suspension training without the cost and the material you would get with the course.

This course is about movement and is fast-paced and fun. Think of high-volume fast-paced strength training and aerobics when you think of the rip training. All the elements you need to have your clients looking ripped at the end of their time with you.

Whether you are looking for a full certification course or some workshops to further your TRX knowledge and skill base, there is a course for you. The courses being offered virtually give you some flexibility in your schedule and location. There are a few options when it comes to getting the certification, some are cheaper, but you get what you pay for, the best-reviewed option is from TRX directly and is quite affordable.

There are other options when it comes to the training, some are offered self-paced online, and some come cheaper in price, but you need to look at what you are getting. Some alternatives you have to complete in a timeframe given, or the course does not give you the credits towards your national certification. Some level of training from third-party vendors is not as extensive as you would get from TRX directly.

The cost of the TRX certification is affordable, although it does not mean you are a certified fitness instructor, it does give you credits towards that goal if you have not already achieved it. Knowing your base clientele will help you determine which specialized courses to train in as well. Do your homework before signing up for a third-party certification course, and enjoy your pursuit of becoming TRX certified.

Barb Seiden is a personal trainer in Doylestown PA. She was nice enough to let me pick her brain about the TRX certification and her thoughts on personal training in general. If you were thinking about getting the TRX cert, keep reading. This should answer all your questions.

For me, the TRX Suspension Training Course was much more valuable than the TRX Group Suspension Training Course. The Group course focused more on how to teach in a group setting and create workouts, whereas the Suspension Training course was all about the science and the movements. If you have experience/certification in group exercise, you can quickly adapt the suspension trainer to a group setting.

I felt the ACE certification process was very time intensive and you really needed background in fitness to complete the testing process. TRX courses can be done by anyone inside and outside of the fitness industry.

Those courses are not certifications. They only designate you as QUALIFIED. The TRX Certification course requires pre-course work via online modules and a passing an online test in order to attend the actual course.

A German study observed 11 participants aged 60 and older with no previous suspension training experience.(4) All followed a 12-week TRX training program, performing seven different exercises three times per week, and were asked to subjectively report positive effects in the areas of flexibility, strength, gait and balance from the TRX regimen.

Participants performed the Functional Reach Test (FRT), 30-second chair stand (CS) test and the Timed Up and Go (TUG) test before and after the eight-week training period. Anterior reach displacement (as measured by the FRT and TUG test results) improved significantly in the exercise group but not in the control group. This outcome led Thompson and his colleagues to conclude that suspension training is a feasible mode of exercise for older adults and can lead to improvements in functional fitness.

Dr. Thompson reports studies are underway to compare spinal compression while doing rows or push-ups on the TRX with forces experienced when doing comparable activities on the floor or with a cable device. So far, research indicates that suspension training is a safe means of improving core strength and function in the absence of major back pathology. He has received grant money for fall prevention research and plans to include the TRX in some of the studies.

There are five length adjustments for the suspension straps: Long (L), Mid Calf (MC), Mid Length (M), Short (S) and Over Shortened (OS). TRX instructor training manuals assign an ideal strap length for each exercise. (3)

The current listing of workshops can be viewed at Many DVDs are also available and can be purchased and then streamed or downloaded from

Although in-person fitness certifications are not being offered, many associations are offering fantastic discounts on their virtual trainings. TU Campus Recreation will accept certifications from these organizations for students wishing to teach Group Fitness or to personal train with us.

Our Barre programming requires NO monthly licensing/recertification fees for the facility or individual instructor. In this course we unpack our signature sequencing which allows instructors to design classes that accommodate ALL fitness levels and ability, with a vision to create a fully inclusive BARRE community.

Ever in pursuit of beauty, community, and wellness, Alys Beach is proud to offer ZUMA, a place for fitness, restoration, and an elegant spirit of balance our town strives to provide. ZUMA provides cutting-edge fitness classes, including yoga, spin, and suspension training; as well as a quiet outdoor space, steam rooms, massage therapy, strength training, and a swimming pool designed for swimming laps, aquatic programming and instruction.

Patrick is a lifelong multisport athlete with a passion for whole body wellness and for teaching and leading others in fitness and nutrition. Patrick has been a certified personal trainer by the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) since 2009 and has achieved the highest level of certification in the TRX Suspension Training education program as a Black and Yellow Rank, certified TRX course instructor. In addition, Patrick is a Legacy lululemon ambassador and is also certified in Precision Nutrition, a system comprised of the latest nutrition science and behavior-change psychology used in the training of elite athletes, professional sports teams and Olympians around the world.

With over a decade in the fitness industry, PT Academy has grown to become recognised educators of top fitness instructors across Australia and the world. We offer our personal training certifications and fitness instructor courses in Melbourne, Sydney and a number of other Australian cities.

Through this experience, Susan became a Certified Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist to help others on their health and fitness journey. She also holds specialties in TRX suspension, core integration and functional training. She will work with you to customize a training plan that focuses on reaching your goals, using proper technique and form. Susan will create variety in your workouts, leaving you feeling energized and with a sense of accomplishment after each workout.


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