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The Three Sisters 1080p Movie Torrent ~REPACK~

"Nightmare Sisters" is a harmless, enjoyable b-movie which is more sex comedy than horror. I don't think it's even intended to be scary, and there is very little violence, but a lot of nudity and humour.The movie gets off to a shaky start with an obviously Caucasian man playing an Indian fortune teller, and doing the worst Indian accent since Peter Sellers. Why would a fortune teller be Indian, anyway? Somehow the crystal ball gets possessed, and then finds its way into the hands of three dorky sorority sisters.These three are played by the holy trinity of b-movie scream queens, Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer and Brinke Stevens. They begin the movie as stereotypically unattractive college co-eds. Brinke has borrowed Jeffrey Dahmer's glasses, Michelle Bauer is dressed up to look fat, and Linnea Quigley is wearing false buck teeth which actually only accentuate her beauty. Detractors might claim that we're only fans of Quigley, Stevens and Bauer because they're hot and get naked. This movie, along with most of their movies, showcases the charisma and talent they actually brought to the screen. Their portrayals here are funny and likable.Their nerdy male counterparts come over for a party the girls are possessed when they use the crystal ball in a seance (don't seances require ouija boards?) At first the girls turn sexy - and semi naked - but then they get a touch demonic, and a hilarious exorcist arrives to save the day.David DeCoteau seems to me to be a rarity among b-film makers. Going by any of his recent efforts, a strong case could be made that he is the worst filmmaker who ever lived. However, watching his '80s films like this one, one realises that he actually had some degree of know-how when he started out. I mean, obviously this isn't Citizen Kane, but it's actually pretty good. Now, his movies are just excuses to indulge in his tighty whitie fetish. Who keeps paying him to make movies? Who keeps watching them?

The Three Sisters 1080p Movie Torrent


This is a campy production about three geeky Tri-Eta-Pi sisters who invite over 3 nerds and hold a seance. The girls become possessed by a succubus demon and go from ugly duckling to swan.Nice tub scene with all three women, otherwise I would recommend Evil Toons instead.Nudity (Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer)

i liked this movie quite a bit.i guess it's a chick flick,but i also think it was part dark least there were elements of that here and there.either way,it was a good's basically about three sisters who have all grown up and gone their separate ways,who are then reunited under less than ideal circumstances.Diane Keaton,Jessica Lange ,and Sissy Spacek are three sisters that couldn't be more different.once they're brought together again,they form new bonds and learn about each other.the film is very poignant,very moving.this is no action movie,it's dialogue and character driven,so it may seem slow,and it's not for everyone.but in this case,it is the journey,not the destination that's important.watching the three woman as they react to a life changing event is fascinating.a word of caution.there are one or two scenes where a racial slur is uttered,which is disturbing.otherwise though,a wonderful movie with three wonderful actresses.for me,Crimes of the Heart is an 8/10

POSSIBLE SPOILERS.This movie is classified as a "comedy" but depicts real-life behaviours of people when subjected to suicide of a parent.The three main characters, sisters, each deal with their childhood issues in their individualistic manners.One is withdrawn, shy, and non-assertive as an adult, believes she is defective because of the ignorance of her grandfather in regard to a minor medical problem, and afraid of relationships with men.Another is a chain-smoking alcoholic who hated her father, probably for more reasons than were depicted in the movie, has a long string of men whom she never allows herself to become genuinely close with, and suffers a temporary mental breakdown.The third sister married a controlling and abusive man at her age 18 years, suffers from loneliness and suicidal ideologies, and finally snaps enough to shoot her husband due to his abusiveness.The movie is a triumph in its illustration of accurate human behaviours and reactions to traumatic events and depicts the seriousness of those situations with humour. Additionally, it accurately depicts denial in operation.

Three Smart Girls is a 1936 American musical comedy film directed by Henry Koster and starring Barbara Read, Nan Grey, Deanna Durbin (her feature film debut), and Ray Milland.[3] The film's screenplay was written by Adele Comandini and Austin Parker, and is about three sisters who travel to New York City to prevent their father from remarrying. The three plot to bring their divorced parents back together again.

sss A demented scientist forces a man and his robot friends to watch an old Hollywood movie, which they greet with a nonstop torrent of jokes, gags, and smart-alecky remarks. The picture they're heckling is a shorten-ed version of "This Island Earth," an entertaining 1955 fantasy that deserves more respect than the MST3K folks give it. But some of their wisecracks are funny, and the show is short enough (well under 90 minutes) to pass pretty painlessly. Jim Mallon directed the satire, which is identical to the award-winning TV series that spawned it. P V 350c69d7ab


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