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Rogue (MIDI Kit)

To attract a mate, your cat must make a nest as they would for a normal rogue - place some moss or brambles next to some thickets, then place some prey on top of the moss. To attract a mate instead of a normal rogue, however, they must place a shiny thing on top of the moss (or brambles) instead of the prey.

Rogue (MIDI Kit)

Save before they go to sleep that night if you'd like to reload a save repeatedly to get a mate for your cat. If your cat is lucky, when they wake up, a rogue with a blue or pink gender symbol (instead of the usual black symbol) will show up. This is your cat's one-and-only new potential mate. If you don't like them, you must quit the game and continue from your last save in the hope that a different potential mate will appear. Your cat cannot rename these cats, take them on patrols, chase them off their territory, or do anything with them that they could with a normal rogue. All your cat can do is follow the regular procedure (bring them at least three gifts each day) and hope they'll soon ask to be mates and, eventually, have a kit.

If your cat wants more than one kit your cat can attract a regular rogue to be their "mate", name them whatever they want, and then attract as many other rogues as they want and name them with the suffix "-kit". Each rogue they name this way will become the size of a kit. The game won't recognize them as your cat's mate and kits, but that doesn't mean that you can't!

The kit's pelt is always your mate's pelt, and the gender is randomly generated. However, you can name the kit. If you are a rogue/loner, then the kit will not be given the -kit suffix as a kit, the -paw suffix and apprentice rank at apprentice age, or a warrior suffix and rank at warrior age. If you have a black and white or orange and white mate and a kit the same color, you will only see the black/orange part of your kit until they get bigger.

Kits will only stand in one spot, but they do not do anything at this current time, apart from gurgle unintelligible things or sleep. Soon after time, they will say things like "...Ma-ma../...Da-da..". but after more time they will say recognizable words, like "Hey, mom/dad. How are things for you?" If you are a rogue/loner, the kit will not talk about training to be a warrior or being a warrior.

In the spirit of synth DIY, Progue can be built into a Hammond metal enclosure in which the backside needs to be drilled accordingly. While this is a cost-effective solution for standalone DIY gear, bundled with PCB front panel, it's also a good compromise between aesthetics, availability, and cost. If this kind of DIY work is not for you, no worries, a dedicated professionally manufactured custom metal enclosure with silkscreen graphics will be released soon by JSI.

We use BB for percussion and additional instruments to add a bigger sound to our duo. Some songs have there own drum kits and are rogue as far as midi mapping is concerned. But it works for us. Simple and effective.

I leave that "Who may connect to me" dropdown set to "Anyone" because it makes things easiest, but if you're concerned about security (rogue MIDI devices connecting to you! Does that happen?), then you can select something more private.

6. Recording a take with MIDI works similarly to audio except only MIDI data is actually being recorded. This means that any rogue notes can be moved or deleted easily without any engineering trickery.


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