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So Ready In SoCal ((NEW))

The couples have one final chance to speak with the experts as Decision Day draws near. Dr. Pepper, Pastor Cal and DeVon Franklin help the couples confront truths in their marriages so that they may have a better understanding of each other come Decision Day. With the pressure mounting, one couple finds it difficult to continue on, while another is ready to go all in.

So Ready in SoCal

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These people all profess to be so ready and self-examined but if they're not seeing their true selves they're not going to be right about who they think they are. They want to be who they think they are but they aren't, IMHO. Plus most of them look like they have spent many years sleeping around swiping left and right and not necessarily into a lifelong commitment. Now suddenly they think they're ready. Not buying it.

Jackie Moe is a professional entertainment reporter and editor who lives for live music, spaghetti, beef ribs, long distance running, and good stories. Working as a features reporter for major newspaper publications Orange County Register, Press-Enterprise and Los Angeles Times, and as an editor for a variety of magazines including OC Business Journal, Inland Empire Magazine and Parenting OC, she recognized the need for quality digital coverage for all of the truly fascinating people and events in and around Orange County. She created Backstage SoCal in 2017 to provide unique entertainment content beyond the general calendar items. You may contact her directly on her social media or email:

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With a new generation of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) hitting the market, Southern California needs to be ready. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) with its partners from the Southern California Regional Plug-In Electric Vehicle Plan (SoCal EV) have launched to educate and receive feedback from potential PEV drivers in the region, so we can most effectively serve your plug-in needs.

With its car-crazy culture, Southern California needs to be ready. SoCal EV is a collaboration of cities, utilities, automakers, local and regional government agencies, businesses and others in the Southern California region who are actively engaged in supporting and building the necessary infrastructure for the commercial launch of electric vehicles.

SoCal Suspension is your go-to suspension shop in San Diego, California. As the only suspension-only shop in all southern California, we can provide you with the specialized attention and care you want and deserve. With over 30 years of experience working with customizing cars, wheels, and tires, our small team is ready to serve you and provide the high-quality experience that you crave.

Make sure to come photo ready because there will be many photo opportunities. So Cal Corgi Beach Day will have various backdrops for you to capture a paw-some picture. Tag @SurfCityUSA and @SoCalCorgiBeachDay for a potential Instagram feature!

Whether you're looking to get into saltwater fishing for the first time, or already an expert saltwater angler, this limited edition SoCal crate has everything you need to chase Calico Bass, Spotted Bay Bass, Yellowtail and Stripers up and down the California Coast. 041b061a72


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