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Sexy Girl (467) Mp4

Traci Lords in a sexy blue bikini as she sunbathes beside a swimming pool and rubs oil on herself. She then heads inside and walks through a kitchen, showing cleavage as she bends over to open a door to a basement. Traci then heads downstairs and looks at a furnace before returning outside and meeting some guys on a driveway, still in her bikini. From Not of This Earth.

Sexy Girl (467) mp4

Ava Cadell, Roxanne Kernohan, and Cynthia Thompson playing hookers who stand next to each other and peel their clothes off while striking some sexy poses. Ava is on the left and she and Roxanne, who is in the middle, go topless. Meanwhile, Cynthia keeps her top on as a guy in sunglasses watches the girls before finally zapping them with his eyes. From Not of This Earth.

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