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Watch Onward

Holy Tooth of Zadar! Join Onward director Dan Scanlon for a virtual watch party and live-tweeting event today (April 4) at 3pm EST/12pm PST. In celebration of Onward releasing on Disney+, and the fact that we are all watching loads of movies right now, this fun virtual event will surely bring a little magic into our lives.

Watch Onward

Onward is available to stream on Disney+ from Friday 2nd October. Sign up to Disney+ for 59.99 a year (or 5.99 a month). If you're looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV guide.

Parents need to know that Onward is Pixar's animated fantasy adventure about two elf brothers -- Ian (voiced by Tom Holland) and Barley (Chris Pratt) -- whose long-deceased father returns to life for a single day. But when only his bottom half appears, the brothers must go on a thrilling quest to complete the spell that brought him back. They experience peril and danger, go up against fire-breathing creatures, and find themselves in tense situations (like a car chase with angry pixies). The climactic fight scene involves large-scale destruction and sacrifice, but it's somewhat offset by the emotional nature of the brothers' desperation to have some time with their dad. The fact that the plot hinges on a dead father (and his half-body, when it returns) might disturb some young viewers, but ultimately it's more bittersweet than painfully sad. Language is pretty tame and mostly consists of insults ("weirdo") and words like "dang" and "what the ... " (cut off). Two adult characters are in a dating relationship, and another mentions her girlfriend. Families who watch the film are bound to appreciate its messages about teamwork, getting along with siblings, and acting selflessly and courageously.

Families can talk about the potentially sad elements of Onward. Why do you think so many kid-targeted movies involve dead parents? What's the impact on young viewers of movies about death, grief, and loss? Do you think watching movies about those things can help kids learn to grapple with them in real life?

Whether you're a fan of all Pixar movies or are looking for something to entertain the kids under lockdown, you can already stream the latest release from the iconic animation studio - here's how to watch Onward online wherever you are right now.

As a Pixar film, it's now landed on the excellent value Disney Plus (opens in new tab) in the US, Canada, and Australia. But those wanting to watch Onward online have a number of options - allow us to explain how to stream the hit movie in full today.

In this edition, see how the storyboards for Pixar's Onward compare to the final cut of the movie. Plus, see what a special ops sniper thinks of the sniper scenes in movies such as Clear and Present Danger, American Sniper, Shooter, and more. And finally, watch as Conan introduces the cardboard cutouts in his show's "live" audience, and find out how you can become one of them.

First up, you can watch Pixar's fantasy adventure Onward on Disney+ right now, and then afterwards, you should come back here to see how one of the key scenes evolved from storyboard to final animation. These storyboards are a little more advanced than most, featuring some little visual effects for the magic and other little motion details, but it's interesting to see the small changes, whether in shot composition or character orientation, that were made.

But the studio's plan to forge (ahem) onward through an already shaky theatrical run became an impossibility after multiplexes nationwide were forced to close, as the outbreak became a pandemic. With theaters going dark and more Americans stuck in quarantine, many speculated that this was the end for Onward. Yet, the Mouse House's quick thinking proved that the rapid global spread of COVID-19 couldn't completely magic the animated film out of existence.

Those looking for a one-time rental, though, are in for a bit of disappointment. Viewers willing to buy the film can watch it across devices, like the Amazon Fire Stick and Roku Streaming Stick, Apple, Google and Samsung Smart TVs, gaming consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, or on even their iOS and Android devices. But Onward is currently not slated for imminent release through the cheaper rental route across non-Disney owned platforms or devices.

Not to fear, there is some good news for those eager to catch Ian and Barley Lightfoot's exciting and endearing quest without the theatrical price tag. You won't be able to view the Disney and Pixar animated feature on a streaming subscription like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu, but you will see it pop up very soon on Disney+. The Mouse House announced that all current subscribers, or those willing to sign up for a $6.99 to $12.99 per month plan, will have their wish to watch granted when the Lightfoots' journey hits the streaming platform on April 3.

The long-awaited streaming service will also sport one of the most beloved libraries of streaming content online. This accounts for 500 Walt Disney Studios movies and 7,000 episodes Walt Disney Television. Productions from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, all being members of the Disney family will also be available, as well as 30 seasons of The Simpsons. Plus, like any streaming service worth its salt, there are exclusive original productions including Lady and the Tramp, Wandvision, Monsters at Work, and of course, Onward. One subscription works on up to four devices, and you can even download content directly to your device to watch anytime.

The online retail giant is also one of the premier destinations for online streaming. This is the easiest way to watch Onward, no question. If you already have an Amazon account, buying in either HD or 4K will take seconds, and you can watch it anywhere you stream Amazon Video, from Amazon Fire Stick to Roku.

Pixar is, therefore, releasing Onward in the US starting tonight (20 March at 5pm PT) on digital retail platforms like iTunes for $19.99. The movie will also be available for streaming online through Disney+ from Friday 3 April. The studio is breaking the traditional theatrical window, in which films launch and remain theatres for three months before they become available to watch on-demand.

What do you get when you mix a fantastical adventure film with the masterful animation stylings from Pixar? The Academy Award nominated film Onward, of course. The family comedy starring the voices of Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus was released in theaters early last year. And, thankfully, watching Onward right now ahead of the awards show is incredibly easy. 041b061a72


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