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What You Need to Know About Psdzdata 48.2 and Its Features

also the psdzdata itself will contain a "token" that tells e-sys how to access the psdzdata, if the token has not been updated or the person who issued the token is no longer with bmw, then you have to manually run a command to update the token.

psdzdata 48.2

psdzdata, psdzdata lite, psdzdata full, psdzdata 2020, psdzdata lite download, psdzdata download, psdzdata 4.22.31, psdzdata lite vs full. psdzdata download download. can anyone help me getting/ downloading the latest esys software and psdzdata i bought an enet cable from china and got the cds with. aug 31, 2020 the psdzdata are ecu data files, is basically a pack that contains all the data needed for e-sys to be able to code a car, flash ecus and update firmware of bmw electronic control units. different between psdzdata full and lite: lite version is identical, but with all the swfl (flash firmware files) removed, which are only needed for flashing. psdzdata full esys software psdzdata download full

technically, you can use any version of e-sys with any version of psdzdata, so long as that version of e-sys is patched, and has a.est token with current validity. the issue is that bmw made changes to the psdzdata beginning with 48.2 for f20 / f30, and then in 48.3 for all other chassis, that required an updated patch / token, which rendered the e-sys 3.22.5 version most everyone was using, aka the free version, needing a new patch / token, and continue to use the newest psdzdata.

i would like to thank swfl for the free psdzdata lite v3.61.1 used for the review, and for providing the review car for the review. i would also like to thank the friend who provided the car for the review, and the loaner car. the car has been loaned to me by my friend, and the name of the friend has been changed to protect his identity.


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