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Be Thou My Vision - Traditional (Violin Harp)

As a small family owned business we are proud to stand behind our instruments and products to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. In the rare event that you may be unsatisfied with your harp or merchandise, please contact us within 10 days of receiving your items. Returns will not be excepted without prior consent from Rees Harps Inc. and are at the sole discretion of Rees Harps Inc..

Be Thou My Vision - Traditional (Violin Harp)

Orders will be processed within 1-3 business days. Some items are available for immediate shipment while the majority of the items we sell may need to be built to complete an order. If you need an item by a specific date please contact us before placing your order. Due to high demand build times to complete an order may vary depending on our current production schedule. We will try our best to complete your order as soon as possible without rushing the building process. Please understand that we are a small company and every harp is hand made to order. We apologize for the wait and greatly appreciate your patience. When your order has been completed and shipped we will notify you via email to let you know that your order is happily on it's way.

Arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler for lever or pedal harp. One arrangement is suitable without alteration for lever or pedal harp. Set in the usual hymnal key of D major, there are no accidentals. Solo part is 3 pages in length, and just under 3 minutes in duration. More information here.

One of the best known of the Sephardic songs, La Rosa Enflorece (The Rose Blossom), the melody is an interesting blend of Jewish and Arab influence. Jewish and Arab musicians performed together in Castillian courts. The exact origin of this music is unknown, with estimated dates varying wildly. It's simple, haunting melody suits harp well and this arrangement is suitable for pedal harp and lever harp equally. Intermediate. The arrangement is 2 pages in length and offered in two key signatures, three flats and all naturals, to accommodate harps without levers more easily. The range is 22 strings if the 8ve is ignored. About 2 min. in length.

This delightful waltz, while traditionally from Germany and Poland, was popular in the American West as well. While the tune has very disputed origins, it's clear that use in Texas by fiddler Cotton Collins helped it morph this Polish Polish folk song into a Texas fiddle tune that Westphalia Texas claims as her own. It remained popular enough in Poland that Ignacy Podgorski recorded it for Columbia Records. It doesn't matter who claims it, it's a delightful, cheery little tune. Some music demands the retention of its simplicity and Westphalia Waltz is one of those. This arrangement is suitable for harps as small as 22 strings, G-g as well as larger harps. No accidentals, in the key of G, and two pages in length, it's a nice addition to any repertoire in need of a happy tune. Skills needed are: 6ths in the right hand and three note chords in the left hand. There are no four note chords. Some fingerings are included to get you started. 041b061a72


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