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Public Procurement Rules 2004 MCQs PDF 108: The Ultimate Resource for Public Procurement Exams

south korea is one of the largest donors to asean. in 2018, south korea was one of the top ten donors to asean, disbursing $946.8 million in assistance to the region. the majority of south koreas oda is disbursed through multilateral institutions like the asian development bank, the world bank, the united nations development programme, the asian infrastructure investment bank, and the asian development bank, as well as bilateral aid providers. south korea also provides technical assistance to asean through various multilateral and bilateral programs. for example, the korean-asean growth partnership has been in existence since 2006, and provides technical assistance on public finance and macroeconomic reforms, and capacity-building in human capital, agricultural reform, and industrial policy.

public procurement rules 2004 mcqs pdf 108


south korea, like many other donors, is expected to increase its development assistance in the future. according to south korean government estimates, bilateral aid and public-private partnerships would reach over $9 billion in 2019.174 the korean government has also suggested that, by 2020, south korea will devote $10 billion in development assistance each year.175

the pbo act defines an elected pbo as an pbo established and governed by an executive or legislative body of a country (section 6). if an elected pbo does not have a system of governance that provides for public access to its activities, the national assembly or legislative body of the country may establish a pbo (section 6). if a pbo is not established by an executive or legislative body of a country, it is not subject to the pbo act. similarly, if a pbo is not established by a regional legislative body pursuant to its legislative powers, it is not subject to the pbo act (section 6).


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