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Home Buying Search Engines

Before you can buy your dream home, you need to find it. But where should you look? We've compiled a list of the best home buying websites so you can quickly find ALL the houses for sale in your area and get a jumpstart on your search.

home buying search engines


From the best house buying websites like Zillow and to the top websites for real estate knowledge like Clever, our list gives you the tools and information you need to navigate every step of your home buying journey.

However, has one noticeable drawback. Its home search tool only shows homes that are listed on the multiple listing service (MLS), so it may not show houses that are "for sale by owner" (FSBO).

Clever also offers a free service that connects home buyers like you with the best real estate agents in your area. Clever's partner agents come from top companies like Berkshire Hathaway, Keller Williams, and RE/MAX, so you can be confident you'llfind the right agent to guide you on your home buying journey.

Like other popular home browsing tools, Trulia canhelp you find and compare homes easily. You can search for homes based on a variety of factors, including number of bedrooms, price range, type of home, and more. The website and app are simple to navigate and give you a general overview of the surroundingneighborhood and other properties in the area.

If you're looking for a cheap house and you're not afraid of taking on some DIY home improvement projects, check out house buying website specializes in short sales, foreclosures, city-owned houses, and other distressed properties.

Most buyers will ultimately partner with a real estate agent when buying their home. However, many will do additional research online either before partnering with an agent or in addition to the information an agent gives them.

With many real estate websites available, buyers can look at many homes from the comfort of their own homes. Sites that do well are easy to search for, have quality images and housing market updates. Buyers want a site that they can easily navigate while hunting for the perfect home. In short, they want the best real estate websites for buyers.

The ability to filter your search results is essential for home buyers. No one wants to scroll through hundreds of listings that do not fit into your search criteria. The ability to narrow down your options makes it easier to find and save properties you want to talk over with your agent. Some sites can even help you save money by finding the best mortgage options or by helping you select a real estate agent.

Here is a comprehensive list of 10 best real estate websites for buyers. The sites included in this roundup have easy-to-use features, data analytics, and tools. If you have already begun your home search, many of these will be familiar names. Even if there are a few newer websites, this list will give you insight into how the site functions and how best to use it to find the perfect home.

There is information on home values, market forecasts, inclusive details about schools and businesses in the area, and commute times. The site even goes as far as to list crime rates. also has a wealth of knowledge about buying a home, determining your mortgage payments and can help you assess what homes fall into your price range,

If you are looking for a great deal and do not mind some light to heavy remodeling, RealtyTrac is a great place to search for affordable properties. All homes have a clean title, and you will not need to be concerned about any liens or back taxes.

Like Zillow, Trulia gives you the ability to locate homes in your area fairly quickly, and you can easily compare the properties. Trulia is a subsidiary of Zillow. It has advanced filters, including narrowing your search by features such as price range, home style, number of bedrooms, and more.

While HomeFinder has similar functions to Zillow and Trulia, it also has an extensive offering of homes available to rent on top of the homes available to purchase. You can use the search to narrow your options by price, size, and home type. HomeFinder also lets you look at properties that are no longer on the market, giving you the ability to see current market trends in the area.

Not only can you view the list price of homes for sale, but you also see what properties are sold for. Most websites will also provide the days on market for a property. A website for buying a house should have this information so potential home buyers can better understand the current real estate market.

Technology has made the home buying and selling markets much more open and accessible than ever before. Websites allow buyers to get home prices, negotiate rates, and see a wider variety of properties than ever before.

Many buyers will ultimately partner with a real estate agent when buying their home. Still, many will do additional research online either before signing on with an agent or in addition to what the agent tells them.

For example, if you need a home with four bedrooms and 2.5 baths, it will be a waste of time to see three bedrooms and 1.5-bath homes mixed into your search. It would just make the process of finding a worthy home takes a lot longer.

When looking at Zillow, keep this in mind. Have your real estate agent prepare a comparative market analysis for an accurate home value. Besides the downfall of Zestimates, Zillow is one of the best home buying sites.

Besides excellent accuracy, has many valuable stats, and data home buyers can take advantage of in their search for a property to purchase. Many resources are available about home values, market forecasts, inclusive details about schools and businesses in the area, and commute times.

Redfin strives to make the home buying process more user-friendly, from listing through selling. The calculator on their website gives you an idea of how much you can afford for a home based on your neighborhood, income, down payment, and total debt.

RealtyTrac is an excellent place to search if you are looking for a property that may need a bit of work. All of the homes on their database have clean titles and do not have any liens or back taxes associated with them. The site is a fan favorite for real estate investors.

By using one of these sites and connecting with a top agent, you should find the buying process goes more smoothly. The best property sites will work seamlessly like a search engine. Finding a new home should be a pleasurable experience, which these home buying sites deliver.

The HomeSteps website works similarly to other popular real estate search engines, allowing you to search for available properties by location and apply filters for homes that fit your desired price range and property type.

Each home has a listing agent, and the homebuying process is largely the same as buying any other property: you will need to assemble your homebuying team and work with them to submit an offer, secure financing and close on your new home.

To learn more about the HomeSteps difference and get started on your home search, visit the HomeSteps website. For information about the homebuying process, including finding the right home, visit My Home by Freddie Mac.

1. The global home services market is expected to grow 18.91% per year from 2019-2026. Though many providers faced hardships at the start of COVID-19, the industry has since rebounded. (Source: Verified Market Research)

2. Consumers researching moving, pest control, locksmith services, and lawn care are the most likely to use search engines. In the majority of home services verticals, over 55% of consumers run a search before scheduling an appointment. (Source: LSA)

7. Costs per click (CPC) on Google Ads for certain home services keywords can exceed $40. In this competitive landscape, home services marketers must invest significant budget in search ads to acquire new customers. (Sources: WordStream, ACCA, HubSpot)

11. 82% of buyers find review sites valuable in their search. Home services providers should look beyond generic review sites like Google My Business, and ensure their reputations are clean on home services review sites like HomeAdvisor and Angi. (Source: G2)

13. Consumers searching for plumbing, appliance repair, and fencing services are most likely to call after making a search. Since many home services purchases are urgent or considered, consumers often prefer to speak to a live agent, rather than fill out an online form. (Source: LSA)

15. Roofing, home remodeling, and deck and patio consumers spend the most when they call from search to make a purchase. On average, home services consumers spend anywhere from $84 to $4,589 when they convert on a call placed after search. (Source: LSA)

Most search engines for finding rental or purchase property in Finland are not available in English. These tips and tools should enable you to use Finnish-language search engines to find the apartment, house, summer cottage or otherwise you're looking for.

If you have trouble using the search engines, simply make direct enquiries. Phone numbers are usually shown at the bottom of the page and on the Yhteystiedot (Company information) page. Good luck and happy house-hunting!

The District offers a free affordable housing listing and search engine, where you can find everything from accessible homes to affordable rental and for-sale homes. The site provides information about properties participating in affordable housing programs as well as eligibility requirements, tools and resources for tenants and home buyers. Go to

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