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Download The Never Story Zip File by J.I.D

J.I Album Zip Download: How to Get the Latest Music from the Prince of N.Y

If you are a fan of hip hop, R&B, Brooklyn drill or reggaeton, you might have heard of J.I, the Prince of N.Y. He is an American rapper, singer and songwriter who rose to fame after appearing on the second season of The Rap Game, a reality show competition hosted by Jermaine Dupri. He is best known for his 2019 breakout single "Need Me", which has over 100 million streams on Spotify. He has also released three studio albums, three compilation albums, two extended plays and four mixtapes.

In this article, we will tell you more about J.I and his music, and how you can download his albums in zip format. Zip format is a compressed file format that allows you to save space and download multiple files at once. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about J.I and his albums.

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Who is J.I and Why Should You Listen to His Music?

J.I's Biography and Career

J.I was born Justin Irvin Rivera on September 23, 2001 in Brooklyn, New York City. He grew up in Crown Heights and is of Puerto Rican descent. He was introduced to music by his parents at a young age and started rapping when he was 11 years old. He was influenced by New York City rappers like Biggie, Nas, DMX, Jay-Z and Big Pun.

In 2016, he auditioned for The Rap Game after Jermaine Dupri found his freestyles on Instagram. He competed against other young rappers like Lil Key and impressed the judges with his skills and charisma. He did not win the show, but he gained a lot of fans and exposure. He released his debut single "No Static" shortly after the show ended.

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He continued to work on his music and released his first project in 2017, a three-track EP called Barely Famous. He then went through a period of low motivation and almost quit music. He decided to give it one more try and connected with his manager Gabi Acevedo to restart his career.

In 2019, he released his first mixtape Hood Life Krisis, Vol. 1, which included his hit song "Need Me". The song sampled the 2000 song "Best of Me, Part 2" by Mýa featuring Jay-Z and showcased J.I's melodic and punchy rap style. The song went viral on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube and earned him millions of streams. He also signed a deal with Interscope Records via G*Starr Entertainment.

He followed up with two more mixtapes in the Hood Life Krisis series in 2020 and 2021. He also collaborated with other artists like Lil Tjay, Myke Towers, Nav and A Boogie wit da Hoodie. He received positive reviews from critics and fans for his music and was nominated for several awards.

J.I's Discography and Reviews

J.I has released a total of 10 projects so far, including three studio albums, three compilation albums, two EPs and four mixtapes. Here is a table summarizing his discography:





Peak chart positions

Barely FamousBarely Famous





Hard Times

Compilation album




Hood Life Krisis, Vol. 1





Hood Life Krisis, Vol. 2




81 (US Billboard 200)

Welcome to G*Starr, Vol. 1

Compilation album




Hood Life Krisis, Vol. 3




41 (US Billboard 200)

The Prince of N.Y: The Mixtape, Vol. 1





[assistant](#message) Some possible continuations of the article are: - J.I's albums have received mostly positive reviews from critics and fans alike. His music has been praised for its versatility, lyricism, storytelling, emotion and authenticity. He has been compared to artists like Drake, Tory Lanez, A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Roddy Ricch. Some of his most popular songs are "Need Me", "Painless", "Letter 2 U", "R&B Shit" and "Excuse My Pain". He has also been recognized as one of the rising stars of the New York hip hop scene and the Brooklyn drill subgenre.

- J.I's albums have shown his growth and evolution as an artist and a person. His music reflects his experiences, struggles, dreams and aspirations. He has also experimented with different sounds, styles and genres, such as R&B, reggaeton, pop and drill. He has collaborated with various producers and artists, such as Ronny J, Hitmaka, Lil Durk, Lil Tjay and Myke Towers. He has also expressed his desire to work with more artists in the future, such as Drake, J Balvin, Bad Bunny and Rihanna.

J.I's Fans and Fandom Culture

J.I has a loyal and passionate fan base that supports him and his music. His fans are known as G*Starrs or G*Starr Gang, which is also the name of his label and collective. He often interacts with his fans on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. He also does live streams, Q&A sessions, giveaways and fan meet-ups. He appreciates his fans and considers them as his family.

J.I's fans are also very creative and expressive. They make fan art, fan videos, fan edits, fan fiction and fan merchandise based on J.I and his music. They also create memes, hashtags, challenges and trends related to J.I and his songs. They also support J.I's causes and initiatives, such as his anti-bullying campaign and his charity work.

How to Download J.I's Albums in Zip Format

What is Zip Format and Why Use It?

Zip format is a compressed file format that allows you to reduce the size of files and folders by removing redundant data. Zip files have the extension .zip or .zipx and can contain one or more files or folders inside them. Zip files are useful for saving space on your device or cloud storage, transferring files faster over the internet or email, encrypting files for security or privacy, or organizing files into categories or groups.

If you want to download J.I's albums in zip format, you will be able to get all the songs in one file instead of downloading them individually. This will save you time and bandwidth. You will also be able to store more albums on your device or cloud storage without running out of space. You will also be able to play the songs offline without needing an internet connection or a streaming service.

Where to Find J.I's Albums in Zip Format?

There are many websites that offer J.I's albums in zip format for free There are many websites that offer J.I's albums in zip format for free or for a small fee. Some of these websites are:

  • : This website has a large collection of albums in zip format from various genres and artists, including J.I. You can search for the album you want by name, artist, year or category. You can also request for an album if it is not available on the website. You can download the albums for free or donate to support the website.

  • : This website is dedicated to providing zip albums from hip hop, R&B and rap artists, such as J.I. You can browse the albums by popularity, rating, date or alphabetically. You can also see the tracklist, cover art and reviews of each album. You can download the albums for free or buy them with PayPal or Bitcoin.

  • : This website is a simple and fast way to download zip albums from any genre and artist, including J.I. You just need to enter the name of the album or artist in the search box and click on the download button. You can also see the number of downloads, size and format of each album. You can download the albums for free or upgrade to a premium account for more features.

How to Download and Extract J.I's Albums in Zip Format?

Once you have found the website that offers J.I's albums in zip format, you need to follow these steps to download and extract them:

Click on the download link or button of the album you want to downloa


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