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Enjoy Red Ball 4 Online for Free: No Download Required

Red Ball 4: A Fun and Challenging Platformer Game

If you are looking for a game that can test your skills, patience, and logic, you might want to try Red Ball 4. Red Ball 4 is an arcade, physics-based, side-scrolling, and single-player game that was developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH in 2014. It is one of the most popular and interesting bouncing ball games that you can play online for free. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Red Ball 4, including what it is, how to play it, tips and tricks to master it, and alternatives to it.

What is Red Ball 4?

The story and the gameplay of Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is a game that follows the adventures of a red ball who has to save the world from evil minions who want to squeeze the planet into a square shape. The game has 75 levels that are divided into four volumes: Grassland, Forest, Factory, and Battle for the Moon. Each level has different obstacles, enemies, traps, and puzzles that the red ball has to overcome. The game also has epic boss battles that require strategy and skill to defeat.

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The gameplay of Red Ball 4 is very simple. You can use your left and right arrow keys or A and D keys to roll the ball left or right. You can use your up arrow key or W key or spacebar to jump. You can also use your R key to restart the level if you get stuck or die. Your goal is to reach the end of each level without falling into water, spikes, or other hazards. You also have to collect stars along the way to get more points and unlock new levels. You can also earn badges by completing certain achievements, such as finishing a level without dying or collecting all stars.

The features and the physics of Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is a game that has many features that make it fun and challenging. Some of these features are:

  • All-New Red Ball Adventure: The game has a new story and a new setting that are different from the previous games in the series.

  • Exciting Physics Elements: The game has realistic physics that allow the ball to bounce, roll, slide, push, jump, and interact with various objects in the environment.

  • Groovy Soundtrack: The game has a catchy and upbeat soundtrack that matches the mood and theme of each level.

  • Cloud Support: The game has cloud support that allows you to save your progress and continue playing on any device.

  • HID Controller Support: The game has HID controller support that allows you to play with a gamepad if you prefer.

How to play Red Ball 4 online for free?

The benefits of playing Red Ball 4 online

One of the best things about Red Ball 4 is that you can play it online for free without downloading anything. This has many benefits, such as:

  • Saving space: You don't have to worry about using up your device's storage space or - Speed and convenience: You don't have to wait for the game to download or install. You can just open your browser and start playing right away. - Accessibility and compatibility: You can play the game on any device that has a web browser, such as a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. You can also play the game on different operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS. - Security and privacy: You don't have to worry about viruses, malware, or spyware that might come with downloading files from unknown sources. You also don't have to share your personal information or sign up for anything to play the game.

The best websites to play Red Ball 4 online

There are many websites that offer Red Ball 4 online for free, but not all of them are reliable or safe. Some of them might have annoying ads, pop-ups, or redirects that can ruin your gaming experience. Some of them might also have outdated or incomplete versions of the game that can cause glitches or errors. To avoid these problems, you should only play Red Ball 4 on reputable and trusted websites that have good reviews and ratings from other players. Here are some of the best websites to play Red Ball 4 online:


Description is one of the most popular and well-known websites for free online games. It has all four volumes of Red Ball 4, as well as other games in the Red Ball series. It also has a user-friendly interface, high-quality graphics, and smooth gameplay. is another website that offers a wide range of free online games for all ages and interests. It also has all four volumes of Red Ball 4, as well as other related games like Red Ball Forever and Red Ball Forever 2. It also has a simple and clean design, fast loading speed, and responsive controls. is a website that specializes in educational and fun games that can help you improve your math skills and logic. It has the first three volumes of Red Ball 4, as well as other math-related games like Red Ball 5 and Red Ball 6. It also has a colorful and engaging layout, easy navigation, and helpful hints.

Tips and tricks to master Red Ball 4

How to avoid water and keep balance

One of the main challenges of Red Ball 4 is to avoid falling into water or losing balance on uneven surfaces. Water can instantly kill you if you touch it, so you have to be careful when jumping over gaps or bridges. Balance can also affect your movement and speed, so you have to be aware of how your ball tilts or rolls on slopes or platforms. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid water and keep balance in Red Ball 4:

  • Use short jumps: When you encounter water or gaps, you should use short jumps instead of long ones. Short jumps can help you control your landing better and avoid overshooting or undershooting your target. To do a short jump, you should press the jump key briefly instead of holding it down.

  • Use momentum: When you encounter slopes or ramps, you should use momentum to your advantage. Momentum can help you gain speed and distance when going up or down. To use momentum, you should roll down before jumping up, and roll up before jumping down.

  • Use brakes: When you encounter platforms or ledges, you should use brakes to prevent yourself from falling off or sliding too far. Brakes can help you stop or slow down your ball when needed. To use brakes, you should press the opposite direction key of where you are moving.

How to collect stars and use ramps

Another challenge of Red Ball 4 is to collect stars and use ramps that are scattered throughout the levels. Stars can give you extra points and unlock new levels if you collect enough of them. Ramps can help you reach higher places or jump over obstacles if you use them correctly. Here are some tips and tricks to collect stars and use ramps in Red Ball 4:

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  • Explore the level: When you play a level, you should explore it thoroughly and look for hidden stars or ramps that might be off the - Be flexible: When you play a level, you should be flexible and adaptable to the situation. Sometimes, you might have to change your strategy or direction depending on where the stars or ramps are located. Sometimes, you might have to use different objects or elements in the environment to help you reach them. For example, you might have to use boxes, balloons, springs, or magnets to move or lift your ball.

- Be careful: When you play a level, you should be careful and cautious of the risks and dangers that might come with collecting stars or using ramps. Sometimes, you might have to avoid enemies, traps, or hazards that might block your way or harm you. Sometimes, you might have to time your jumps or movements carefully to avoid missing or falling. For example, you might have to dodge lasers, spikes, or saws that might cut or explode your ball.

How to defeat bosses and unlock levels

The final challenge of Red Ball 4 is to defeat bosses and unlock levels that are more difficult and complex than the previous ones. Bosses are giant enemies that have different abilities and weaknesses that you have to figure out and exploit. Levels are stages that have different themes and features that you have to adapt to and enjoy. Here are some tips and tricks to


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