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Budhha 2012 Movie WORK

Pepitone's charisma and sheer funniness redeems a thoroughly averagely made documentary. Why, why, why does every documentarian seem to think adding animation will make their average movie anything but more mediocre?

Budhha 2012 Movie

In January 2013, the board decided to give certification to the film after the makers agreed to mute a controversial speech by Ambedkar in the movie. In the speech, Ambedkar implies that Gandhi was cheating Dalits by denying them an electoral constituency of their own during the Yervada jail fast in 1932. Prakash Bare says, "The Censor Board had cited nearly 30 instances. Finally, we agreed to mute the offending speech and also blurring in certain scenes. We agreed as it won't change the structure of the film."[6]

The film won Jayan K. Cherian a Special Jury Award for direction at the 2012 Kerala State Film Awards while Saritha received a Special Jury Mention for her performance in the film.[12] It won the second prize for Best Narrative Feature Film at the Athens International Film and Video Festival.[15] At the 2013 Oaxaca FilmFest of Mexico, Papilio Buddha won two major awards. M. J.Radhakrishnan was conferred with the Best Cinematographer award and Manu Perunna won the Best Art Director award.[16]

Poet filmmaker Jayan K Cherian born in India, Graduated with honors from Hunter College, BA in Film and Creative Writing and MFA from The City College of New York in Writing Directing Film, and Cinematography. Papilio Buddha (2012) is Jayan's debut feature film. Before that he made several experimental documentaries and narrative shorts such as: Shape of the Shapeless (2010) Love in the Time of Foreclosure (2009), Hidden Things (2009), Soul of Solomon (2008), Capturing the Signs of God (2008), Holy Mass (2007), Tree of Life (2007), Simulacra the Reality of the Unreal (2007), The Inner Silence of the Tumult (2007), Hid-entity (2007), and Tandava the Dance of Dissolution (2006).

Shape of the Shapeless won: Silver Conch award at Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films (MIFF) 2012, Silver Jury prize in San Francisco Shorts, Honorable Mentions at Athens International Film Festival, East Man Kodak Awardfor best Cinematography and Best Documentary Award at City Visions 2010.

Why was Lindsay Lohan on Saturday Night Live? She doesn't have a new project to promote. Her last film released in theaters was 2010's Machete, although IMDB claims she's starring in a movie called InAPPropriate Comedy alongside Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriguez, and Adam Brody, which is coincidentally also a malaria nightmare I had one time. Hosts that don't come on SNL to shill for something typically fall into three specific types: the beloved SNL guest-star, like Timberlake, Hamm, or Baldwin; the headline-baiting non-performer, like Michael Phelps or Al Gore; and the youth demographic-baiting tween star, like Miley Cyrus.

I thought the "2012 Psychic Awards" sketch was utterly laugh-free, like most sketches based entirely on funny wigs. But the first half of the episode reached a painful low point with "Scared Straight." Now, I've never been a huge fan of the "Scared Straight" sketches, but this go-round was a failure in every conceivable way. Lohan gamely played "Lindsay Lohan," but as written in the sketch, her character was basically another mini-Kenan Thompson screaming rape humor into Andy Samberg's face. Lohan's dependency on cue cards was painfully obvious, especially during a long soliloquy she seemed to be learning on the spot. And oh boy, did I mention rape humor? "Scared Straight" climaxed with Thompson rejiggering the Kay Jeweler's song into "Every kiss begins with RAPE!" He said it twice, and it only got less funny. The sketch ended with Jason Sudeikis successfully cracking up Bill Hader, Samberg, and Bobby Moynihan. It was vaguely reminiscent of the Lohan-costarring "Debbie Downer" sketch, although notably Lohan had already left the stage when the laughing started.

Edward previously worked as an editorial illustrator at Los Angeles Magazine (2014), a character designer at Cartoon Network (2013-14), a freelance illustrator at Williamette Week (2014), and a Freelance Graphic designer at Evviva Brands (2013-14) for ipad and iphone games. A freelance illustrator at Cossette (2013) on editorial illustrations, a production designer for JibJab Media (2013) on a video short as part of the Storybots Project, an editorial illustrator at Western Living Magazine/Vancouver Magazine (2013) illustrating map images, and a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios (2013), producing conceptual beat boards on a developing feature film. He was also an editorial illustrator at Sunset Magazine (2013), a character designer at Fashion Buddha (2012-13), working on character designs for a smartphone game app., a character designer at Cartoon Network (2013) for a green light pilot, and a freelance designer, visual development artist, and graphic designer at Laika (2007-13). A visual development artist on Cartoon Network (2007) as a background artist for an early story development of "Ape Escape", a freelance illustrator at Nickelodeon (2007) as a visual development art for a show pilot, and an illustrator at Laika House (2006).

Kate Bush is for real and as "Stranger Things" proves, she's really for everyone. For me, like El mind-busting her way through walls, she opened the door to a kind of Upside Down: to a different world of creativity and art. After Bush, I listened to Peter Gabriel, PJ Harvey, OutKast, St.Vincent. I fell in love with movies like "Mandy" and books like that of Octavia E. Butler and Terri Windling. I learned to make my own world through art.

New Delhi, April 3A whopping public investment of nearly Rs 1,500 crore will be required to make the National Capital Region (NCR), including the National Capital Territory of Delhi, a power secure region by 2010 as by then, the gap between availability of assured power and that of its requirement will have reached 1600 MW from the current level of nearly 1300 MW.This is the conclusion of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) which has carried out a comprehensive survey of the power situation in the region.Currently, NCR suffers from power shortages which are estimated around 700 MW as against the power shortages of Delhi alone which conservatively are calculated around 600 MW. The ASSOCHAM estimates reveal that by 2010 when the Commonwealth Games are scheduled to begin and with no new projects in the central sector expected for commissioning, the pressure to supply power to Delhi and other parts of NCR would heavily fall on states like Punjab, Himachal, Uttaranchal and even North Eastern region of the country.Releasing the estimates, D S Rawat, secretary general ASSOCHAM, said that the future of Delhi and NCR becoming a power surplus region would remain a distant dream as nearly 1000 MW gas-based Bawana project, Pragati expansion of over 350 MW in Delhi and Dadri expansion in Uttar Pradesh would be completed not before 2012 and therefore, states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi would have to think in terms of putting up power plants with short gestation period so that the power requirement of Delhi is meted out.Rawat said that by 2012, as the three projects would be commissioned namely that of Bawana, Pragati and Dadri expansion, the NCR region would get some relief but to meet its immediate requirement, a minimum public investment of Rs 1500 crore would be needed which should go into small power plants which can be commissioned in next 2 years, having capacities ranging from 50 MW to 150 MW.The key factors which will contribute to increased power demand by 2010 in the NCR include 24 hours essential power for the Metros, creation of new townships, Rs 1800 crore p.a. loss due to power thefts, 70 lakh population and a large number of industrial units, hospitals, schools, BPOs, multiplexes, etc.The maximum power shortage within NCR will be seen in the Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida and Faridabad areas in view of the fact that in these regions, real estate development is taking place at faster pace with over 250 new satellite townships likely to come up including an international airport at Greater Noida. In the NCR, the year-on-year demand is growing between 15 and 25 per cent as the region is witnessing faster upgradation and modernization of its existing power stations including other infrastructure facilities.Therefore, the government concern will remain under heavy pressure to cull investment from planned allocations as private sector in particular, is unlikely to pour in its capital for building even captive power plants. Thus, it would be the prime responsibility of the state to organize for public money for processing power to the extent of 300 MW.


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