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Where To Buy Ole Smoky Tennessee Mud

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where to buy ole smoky tennessee mud

"My mother called me frantically that the house was on fire, yelling that the house was on fire, and I told her to get out of the house," James Wood told the station. He tried desperately to return to the cabin where they lived, but he found that the inferno was too intense.

00:53 Well, so I brought you here because I've always been fascinated with storycorps and you have such great stories, and I love stories, and I feel like I was always raised around family, telling stories, and so I just thought it'd be a great opportunity to get you to share some of yours. So why don't we start with where you were born? And and also just to clarify, how how was it, you came to be born there. I was born in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I was physically born in a log home. In Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

03:29 The park service and the teachers for the pi Beta Phi School, of course, were many of them were Outsiders. They weren't necessarily local people not thought of so they, they as a result socialized. And that's where my mother met my father, and they were married in 1930 and early 1935, and I was born in 36.

11:59 And you got wind of this job at at the Great Smokies and applied for it and got it. And that's how he ended up there to like. He really, I mean, other than you just growing up in this environment, where you were surrounded by nature and allowed to kind of run around in it. Did he Inspire Your Love of Nature and in the natural world, have solutely? Absolutely. They both did my mother just fell in love with the mountains and The Greenery in the flowers in and we, we had my father had keys to evergate in the park. So we went places, a lot of the people couldn't go. We went to perceive your bed since it's kind of wild flower. You tell me once that you and a friend climbed up to Alum Cave and left a

14:23 A little bit about that with that, one of these same friends that you became friends. And so, how old were you? So we were 12 or 13, somewhere around there and we decided that it would be startling to some tourist. People would be to see, two wild, boys, and the Great Smokies.

15:07 We are, I had some dry how I had him. I do not know where I had some dried skins. Well, do you try? And and I had some dried skins, and we took those dried skins and made little shorts out of. And he said, you know,

21:35 They still laugh at every lane, Gatlinburg, new Iran. I did not walk until I was a junior in college. I ran everywhere. And one of the things I love to do that question, my sanity was to run the rocks in the river, jump from rock to rock and rock and I would, I would start at the bridge.

22:04 Reserve are tennis shoes and and spices that didn't have any wrong. I just ran through them to get the next group of rocks and and and Jack Arthur years later, the friend, I grew up with it said, I know why you ran over where you were on a Perpetual runner's. High all the time. You need coke or anything. That was one of my past X rocks. And well, I so enjoyed hearing about this life of freedom in this, it dilek environment. How did you look back at that? And oh, yeah, how do you feel looking bad?

23:00 We were not General there was a whole bunch of boys and my neighborhood. Everywhere. I went they were all bunch of boys in a bunch of girls and everybody played together. We got in a fight and we resolve those fights together and became friends. Lifelong friends, and I look back and we were never afraid.

23:27 Of anything really? But we were never afraid of assaults by any Outsiders or anything like that. And it was just, we were allowed to, I know that when I walked out of the house going squirrel, hunting with my friends or by myself. My parents had no idea where to find me if I broke a leg. But yet I was disciplined.

29:08 And we had our talk and it was finished and he picked me up took me back up where I would go off and set me back down in the grass. Later on. I found out that was President Roosevelt National Park.

29:28 Great. Smoky Mountains. National Park is dissolved. My dad and the friends that I had that that whose parents work there. Belong to me. Oh, yeah. It was your night. Was my playground is my playground. So I ran to the woods there and just generally enjoyed the part when ever it where to Mount, LeConte the new the people that owned it and would go up there and spend the night.

30:29 So do you think some of those trees are still there? I have no idea. I used to go every time I want a squirrel hunting. I would go by 5 or 10 chestnuts and they were Chinese chestnuts. And I don't know what had been done for the evening cooked or anything. Right? And I'll take them in and when I would sit down on a log somewhere, I would push two or three of those nuts in the ground as far as I could and probably squirrels probably found them. And but I was hoping that

Buddy Guy was recognized with a Mississippi Blues Trail marker in his hometown of Lettsworth, Louisiana, in Pointe Coupee Parish, on December 8, 2018. The marker is a few hundred feet from where his childhood home once stood at the Three Rivers Landing plantation. Guy first learned to play guitar there, using a homemade instrument, then moved to Baton Rouge as a teenager and performed on the bustling local blues scene before making his way to Chicago in 1957. 041b061a72


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