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[S2E1] Part I Extra Quality

At The Gem Saloon, Al Swearengen is in a particularly foul mood as he learns that Governor Pennington of the Dakota Territory has divided the hill country around Deadwood into three counties, each with its own commissioner. Not only is Al upset by the inexorable encroachment of civilization on the perfect little corner of hell he controls, but by the fact that all three of the commissioners hail from Yankton and without representation from the Hills, which means they're less susceptible to his bribes or threats.[2]

[S2E1] Part I


Dismissing the matter, Bullock heads back to the Gem to even the score with Swearengen. Trixie alerts Bullock's partner, Sol Star, and Charlie Utter attempts to dissuade Bullock, to no avail. In short order, Bullock and Swearengen are fighting like rabid dogs, falling from the Gem's balcony into the muddy street, where they flail at each other. Bullock, bloodied and broken-nosed, gets the best of an even bloodier Swearengen, whose ribs are fractured in the fall.[2]

At the Bella Union, Tolliver's rage over Joanie's impending departure is masked by a sarcastic facade. Feigning gentility, he asks Maddie if he could speak with Joanie alone. "Suck some pricks if you like, and keep whatever they give you. My way of saying welcome." Maddie responds with her own sarcasm: "Any blind ones out there?"[2]

Tolliver is suspicious about who is bankrolling Joanie's venture, suspecting the recently departed dealer Eddie Sawyer. "I knew Eddie'd been stealing from me. And he flees, and you turn up owning that place," he says. After hectoring her further, he decides to let her go: "I feel like a boy. I feel like skipping, I'm that fucking hopeful and excited for you."[2]

To celebrate Joanie's departure, he breaks out a bottle of champagne, but insists on pouring it in the mouths of Joanie, Maddie, the new ladies and the whores Joanie is taking with her from the Bella Union. He also insists that Joanie take the whore Doris with her, too. "Being funds stole from me by Eddie put the Chez Ami on its feet, I consider myself an investor, and I will have my interest looked to-sixty cents from dollar one-and a true count fucking verified."[2]

Bullock escorts his wife and boy to the new house he's built for them, but excuses himself rather than go in with them just yet. Departing the house, he walks back to the Grand Central and into the waiting arms of Alma.[2]

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Part I)PREVIOUSLY ON THE WEST WINGspoken by SamSeasonEpisode21InfoOriginal Airdate4 October 2000Written ByAaron SorkinDirected byThomas SchlammeEpisodesPreviousNextWhat Kind of Day Has It Been?In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Part II)PRESIDENT'S TEAM SCRAMBLES AND CASUALTIES MOUNT AFTER ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT IN TWO-HOUR SEASON PREMIERE OF EMMY-WINNING DRAMA -- In the two-hour season premiere of the record Emmy Award-winning drama, all the President's (Martin Sheen) men and women scramble in the chaotic wake of an assassination attempt that leaves some victims fighting for their lives. Meanwhile, as a manhunt continues, the wounded drift in and out of surgery recalling how Bartlet's team came together during the dark months of his long-shot primary campaign. Elsewhere, the press department is hounded by the media for details of the shooting while a military crisis looms in Iraq.

At the hospital, President Bartlet wants to see Josh in his room after surgery. News reports play in the background dealing the fallout from the shooting. As the first part of the two-part episode concludes, Bartlet is standing at the window to Josh's room and says to Leo, "Look what happened."

Lance Eaton is the Director of Digital Pedagogy at College Unbound, a part-time instructor at North Shore Community College and Southern New Hampshire University, and a PhD student at the University of Massachusetts, Boston with a dissertation that focuses on how scholars engage in academic piracy. He has given talks, written about, and presented at conferences on open access, academic piracy, open pedagogy, hybrid flexible learning, and digital service-learning. His musings, reflections, and ramblings can be found on his blog:

Sure. Thank you for having me. I am Lance Easton. I am director of Digital Pedagogy at College Unbound, as well as a part time instructor at North Shore Community College, and southern New Hampshire University, and a doctoral student at UMass Boston.

The Return of Harmony Part 1 is the first episode of the second season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the twenty-seventh episode overall. Princess Celestia tasks the ponies with retrieving the Elements of Harmony and defeating Discord, only for the draconequus to manipulate the ponies with his mind games. It is the first half of a two-part episode.

The show's director, Jayson Thiessen, has stated that while the two episodes were produced at the tail-end of the first season, they were always supposed to be part of season two. This was done to shorten the production hiatus and to keep on as many of the show's staff as possible.[2] Lauren Faust notes that the episode's writing was completed before the series premiered, and was not created or altered as a reaction to the fanbase.[3] The two episodes' writer M.A. Larson has stated that Applejack was to have said a line that was cut from the episode, "Hope everything's ok back in Ponyville. I don't know if Big McIntosh and Granny Smith have enough butter for all that popcorn."[4][5][6] A line that "got cut early on, and with good reason" ("Doesn't really fit 'in universe.'") was Rainbow Dash saying "Get off that cloud and put 'em up! I'm not afraid of you! Come on, Marquess of Queensbury rules! Let's go!" instead of "Get off there and put 'em up! Come on! Let's go!"[7]

"Shockwave" is a two-part episode of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise. Part one is the first-season finale, the twenty-sixth episode (production #126), and part two is the second season opener, the twenty-seventh episode (production #128). Because of this, common to the Star Trek franchise in this period, part one aired on UPN on May 22, 2002, with a cliffhanger ending, but it was nearly five months before the second part aired on September 18, 2002.[2][3]

Although part two of Shockwave was the first episode of season two it was the second episode produced, as "Carbon Creek" was filmed first as it only required three principal cast members. Filming began on Wednesday, July 10, was shot entirely on three soundstages at Paramount, and wrapped the following Thursday.[7]

"Shockwave: Part I" was released as part of Enterprise season one, which was released in high definition on Blu-ray disc on March 26, 2013;[26] the set has 1080p video and a DTS-HD Master Audio sound track.[27]

Alas Ramus for her part will serve to keep the group reminded about the struggles of Ente Isla and connected to their homeland. Each time so far that a threat from the homeland has been neutralized they are adapted into the overarching goals of Sadao. Subsequently, they are replaced by another entity from Ente Isla. While it is unclear whether she will ultimately be on the side of the demons or with Emi, or even with the church, it is guaranteed that she will be the crux of conflict for at least a portion of this new season.

DR. ANGLE:Yeah, it's very complicated, first of all. Agriculture can have a negative impact on water quality. And there are examples here in Florida of that happening, particularly from a historical perspective. But more recently we've been using ag land actually to clean up water and make sure that water, as it moves downstream or even into our bays and tidal areas, is cleaner than what it was leaving a field.

But some of it also comes from agriculture. And so while we can't control everything, I think agriculture has a responsibility for assuring that the loss of nutrients from farmland into bodies of water is minimized as much as possible. Now, we still need farmland. I've been around, I've been in public meetings, particularly in metro areas where they tell me the solution is let's just get rid of agriculture.

And lastly, particularly through a lot of our marine and aquatic programs, we're working with boaters to teach them how not to run over manatees, where they are found, how to avoid them. There's a lot of technique that boaters can follow that will protect the health and the lives of manatees. And so we have a very large extension education program to help boaters understand the risks that are associated with manatees.

They've read about them. They know about their endangered status. And birders, as you know, one of the many important things in the birding community is to be able to check off that you've seen that bird. And so it's part of our economy, too. It's not just the ecology and it's not just for every natural resource. It's part of our business economy for bringing people here.

Because they're so well studied, most of these nest sites are going to be marked with signage to tell you that. But we also know, because they're so well researched, that they are really prone to having, like, failed nests if they are disturbed in any way. So we just want to do our part and if we are curious and want to go see them, that we just do so from a nice, safe and respectful distance. 041b061a72


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