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Serial Abb Robotstudio 5.15 !!TOP!!

What I'm trying to say here is that you should really look into RobotStudio. It is free (you don't even need to register), and you get a simulated version of the industrial robot sold to you by your manufacturer. The simulator is provided by ABB, and it is able to emulate most of the hardware that you will find on such a robot (sensors, motor drivers, etc), as well as the controller software which is provided by them. You do not need to run this simulator from within ROS (which is what Gazebo does), as it has a single (hopefully) binary file which contains the entire simulator as well as ROS.

Serial Abb Robotstudio 5.15

RobotStudio runs on Windows and Linux, and as such is platform agnostic. As mentioned before, it does not allow you to simulate anything else than that robot, but the robot interface that you obtain with this simulator can serve as a foundation for almost everything else. You could use this for simulating your robot, using ROS, and you could even run Gazebo for dynamics (as a simulator, not a robot sim), and have a single program that can handle all three things.

In terms of real robot experiences, I can't personally vouch for it myself, but let's just say that ABB is a company which delivers on quality products - and in that respect RobotStudio certainly fits that bill.

One last comment: I mentioned that you will still need some kind of visual environment to control the robot in, as RobotStudio can not, and will not emulate the ROS environment which Gazebo can and provides. If you need an environment like Gazebo, like Gazebo provides one, you can get an infrastructure to do this from ROS (with the Robot Operating System), but honestly I have no idea how this would work on a Linux system, as when I tested it, it did not work out of the box. However, you will find that (depending on your needs) you can either use ROS and sensors to get the data, and then control the robot using Gazebo or the real environment (simulator, whatever you want to call it), or use the robot simulator in RobotStudio directly, as that can even do motion planning if you wish.


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