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Cheb Khaled, Collection Full Album Zip

Hi Hammer,Thanks for your comment on my blog. Meant to leave a comment on the Lebanese Compilation Post of your earlier, but have been death-busy these days. And now you share this rockin' Khaled selection full of goodies. I already took the albums, but haven't had the chance to listen to them yet... Will hopefully do that some time in the near future - and also read all the info you shared about Khaled. Quality Material! The Khaled pictures are already brilliant! Thanks for all the work & love! I am currently living/studying in China - you and Gary from Bodega Pop are kinda inspiring me to rip some Chinese music and share it on my blog... Will see what I can do. Take care; DubMe

Cheb Khaled, Collection full album zip

Download Zip:

Hammer, you are mad but brilliant! This is another enormous collection. I've been loving BodegaPop's output, and now here you go with masses of early Rai. How did you know that was my first 'world music' discovery & first love?! :-) I have to admit I haven't loved Khaled as much as I should, mainly because it's hard to find those early albums; and now here you are providing the Gold Mine !! Plus those DepositFile links over at the Bodega; I have enough early Khaled now to listen to nothing else for months !!!! And I haven't even had time to see what other monster treasures are hidden in your earlier posts...You guys are so wonderful! Big big thank yous & love fromDavid


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