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What Is The Best Size Trampoline To Buy

You should buy a Trampoline that will fit in your garden or jumping area, that would be ideally free from any nearby objects or obstacles that could cause injury to any child using the trampoline. It should be age suitable for the children using the trampoline.

what is the best size trampoline to buy

So you need to ask yourself, who is going to be using the trampoline and what age are the children who are going to be using the trampoline? Now keep that in mind as we have a look at our second question.

Trampolines are available for all children, they are suitable from as young as toddlers and babies right up to teenagers and adults. The average size of a trampoline is 12ft, however, this is not the most popular size of the trampoline.

So, what trampolines are available to buy? While the most popular size is the 8ft trampoline there are many other sizes of Trampolines available on the market today. They range from Toddler and Baby trampolines right up to Adult sizes trampolines. Although there are many, they are not all made to be suitable for all ages. Remember the two questions we asked before?

At the limit of a toddler trampoline age, a 3 year old has more balance and coordination than a 1 year old so you should be considering a mini kids trampoline instead of a toddler trampoline as this will last longer as they grow. Make sure you read about safety features.

A trampoline for a 4 year old is quite tricky, they are at the age of where a mini kids trampoline or a 6ft trampoline would be an ideal fit providing you have space and a safe area to put the trampoline up.

For a 5-year-old you should be considering a trampoline that has an enclosure net and safety padding all around. A 6ft mini kids trampoline or an 8ft trampoline would be an ideal choice of trampoline size.

As kids grow they gain confidence and improve balance and coordination so depending on space you should be considering a 10ft or a 12ft trampoline. Ensure you read all the safety features as your child will become more adventurous as they grow older.

The best size trampoline for a 10-year-old would be between a 12ft trampoline and a 14 ft trampoline. This gives them plenty of space when bouncing as you want enough distance from the centre of the trampoline to the springs.

As children grow you will want to get the largest trampoline that you can fit into your garden. The reason for this is that it can be used for years without you having to upgrade to a larger size. For an 11-Year-Old you should consider a 12ft trampoline +. A 14 ft or 16 ft trampoline would be suitable also. It just depends on the size of the garden.

So, as you can see there are many different factors that go into determining the trampoline price. We have however put together a quick guide to assist you in helping you decide how much you should budget for your trampoline.

These certifications are to protect you the consumer and your family. They ensure the materials used are up to a suitable standard, that the trampoline is fit for purpose and the weight capacity has been tested thoroughly. Some trampoline models are tested to one or two safety certificates or to all of them. Most being EN71 tested, which is the most popular safety criteria trampolines are approved against.

The spring count and the length of springs allow the trampoline to produce an optimum bounce for the age of the user. An example of this would be letting a 5-year-old child use a 14ft trampoline. Here you would see that not only is there too much space for the child and the safety distance to the padding is too much. There will be little to no bounce available to the child.

If you have 3 kids in the household, one is 6 years old, one is 10 years old and the last child is 14 years old, then the decision on which trampoline would be best becomes significantly harder. You want all children to be safe when using the trampoline and all of them to have equal fun.

I hope this proves useful in helping you choose the correct trampoline size for your family and answers the questions, What size of the trampoline should I get. If you have any comments then please leave them below.

When measuring out the area needed for a trampoline is it not radius you should use and not the diameter when tying the string to the pencil? This allows you to find the centre point. If you use the diameter the area measured out will be twice as big.

It is important for every family that loves trampoline sports to have a perfectly sized trampoline, as it will maximize the rate of jumping, entertain children and prevent them from injuries. When it comes to choosing the best size for a trampoline, most of the users are probably stuck between the various sizes, and it will get even more complicated when you look at the variety of trampoline shapes and types.

Trampolines under 8 foot are suitable for younger children to exercise, while trampolines over 15 foot are suitable for a large entertaining area. 16 foot or 17 foot trampoline has a heavier weight capacity, which making it possible for multiple people to play at the same time.

Average sizes include: 8 foot and 10 foot trampolines, which are perfect for smaller backyards. A 12 foot trampoline is a type of medium trampoline. 14 foot and 15 foot trampolines offer greater flexibility and are suitable for older users. Each average size trampoline is designed for specific users, like single child, multiple children, older children and adults, etc.

The appropriate trampoline size for children under 5 is also small, and the manufacturer will make a separate model for them. In addition, these trampolines have a limited load-bearing capacity of 100 to 140 pounds or up to 150 pounds. The toddlers have less weight, so they can play on these trampolines safely. Trampolines for toddlers are available in a variety of sizes like 36, 38, 40, 48, 55, 66 inches. These small trampolines are designed for toddlers, infants and children from 2 to 5 years old.

As a consideration, you should also get a larger trampoline size as your child gets older. So, besides the trampolines for toddlers, the 8 to 10 foot trampoline is suitable for children aged 6 and older. It is also suitable for the families with a small backyard and only have one child at home. It provides a long time of entertainment for your children. However, there is no room for a second child playing on an 8 to 10 foot trampoline. If you can make sure that your family only has one kid playing on the trampoline at once, it's the perfect size for you.

The 12 ft trampoline is suitable for two children and can be installed in a medium-sized backyard. The 12 foot trampoline is the perfect trampoline for two kids to play on. This medium trampoline provides more room and does not take up as much space as a 14 to 15 foot trampoline. It requires a little more space than a small trampoline, but is worth buying. This is the best trampoline size for a medium-sized backyard and the cost of these trampolines will be within your budget.

The 14 to 15 foot trampoline is a type of full-size trampoline designed for multiple children playing at the same time, making it the best trampoline choice for a large backyard. You can get three or four kids to play together on this trampoline. It provides a large surface and a ladder for climbing easily and playing safely. The trampoline also contains more springs and is heavier than a medium to small size. As a result, children will have a better jumping (bouncing) experience on these trampolines.

If you are buying a trampoline and knowing that more than one child will jump at the same time, you will need a trampoline that is strong enough to handle their total weight. You also need one that can accommodate the growing weight of your child.

Varying sized trampolines are for; different spaces, family size, factoring in individuals ages, and weight. Here we will outline the different sizes we offer and when and where they are the best choice for you to make a more informed choice before purchasing.

We have observed young children who casually jump with friends or wrestle on the trampoline are suited to a round trampoline. As they grow into sports like trampolining, parkour, any board sports etc. there is a high preference to the Medium and Large rectangle trampolines for space and bounce.

A very nice small rectangle trampoline, ideal to pop in between the cubby house and swing set or garden shed. These sized trampolines are nice and compact and have a similar application as to the round 8 or 10ft trampolines. Due to the smaller size, a one child at a time rule should apply.

Great trampoline with very good bounce and space for kids up to 12/13 years of age. If they are into gymnastics this is the most common trampoline for juniors to be using to practice their routines on.

A better bounce is common on a rectangle trampoline where the bounce is generated by activating the springs at the width compared to say a round trampoline where all springs need to be activated to generate bounce.

This trampoline was designed and made for kids that do gymnastics but find the 8x12ft rectangle trampoline a little too short to round out their flips, and therefore landing on the pads instead of the trampoline mat. The extra two foot makes a significant difference without compromising on the bounce.

This trampoline has ample room for two kids in to their teens.This trampoline is a much stronger design than the other two smaller rectangle trampolines, having a much thicker frame tubing and pads. A nice size to install inground.

We would recommend this size for most families to order it with high bounce option. If height and bounce with lots of space is really what the kids are after, then you will get great value from also opting for the Australia Galvanized springs.

An almost square trampoline the 14x16ft is a great size to make a big statement. We had four teenagers and this trampoline took over our backyard. It was a well-used trampoline even though the kids were ages 15 to 19+. It is a great space for soccer, wrestling and for a good old game of jumping tag. 041b061a72


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